Viasat Internet Service Reviews Give This Satellite Internet Service Provider High Marks

Thinking of going off the grid but don't want to give up internet? Interested in a beautiful house in the mountains, but there's no telephone pole for miles? Satellite internet allows you to surf the web in even the most remote areas. All you need is a small satellite dish and electricity. Today's satellite internet is affordable and offers speeds that can compete with traditional wired internet. You can stream HD content and have multiple devices running in the middle of nowhere. Based on Exede satellite internet reviews, if traditional wired internet is unavailable in your area, Exede may be your best option.

Exede internet reviews in 2017 rated Exede as the best value satellite internet for serious internet users. ViaSat satellite internet reviews focus positively on the speed and data plans.

Exede allows users up to 25 GB of data per month, more than its competitors who limit users to 15 or 20 GB of data. Exede high speed internet reviews value the higher data plans as a major selling point. Customers who reach their data limits have the option to purchase more data, giving customers more flexibility. This feature is a great plus, according to Exede internet customer reviews. If you reach your data limit and do not purchase more, your speeds are reduced until the next billing period. The option to purchase more data provided an extra sense of security in Exede business internet reviews. Slower speeds could prevent business professionals from making important video calls or sending larger files. Exede internet service customer reviews were only negative about pricing because satellite internet is more expensive than the competitors for monthly plans and set up fees.


Exede satellite internet customer reviews applaud the speed and data, where Exede overtakes its competitors. Exede offers up to 12Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds in every plan. These speeds are faster than other providers and make a huge difference in streaming content. The ViaSat Liberty internet reviews address the differences in speeds based on the time of day. ViaSat network is busiest from 5pm to 1am, and customers can notice a slowing of speeds during this time if they've used up their "priority data."

Data Usage

High internet usage for streaming and downloading large files requires fast download speeds and use larger amounts of data than typical social media use. Exede is one of the only providers that offers fast download speeds with generous data plans. One perk that customers enjoy, according to Exede internet reviews, is the Free Zone. Customers are giving unlimited data during less popular times, typically from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. This extra data is perfect for late-night binge watching content.


ViaSat Exede internet reviews were less positive about the pricing, which was the main complaint with the provider. The faster Internet speeds come at a higher cost. Customers who only use the internet for browsing and social media viewed the price as a major drawback. While other competitors' pricing is typically based on speeds, Exede's prices are based on data usage.

Exede internet plans reviews were most positive for the highest data usage plan. Exede's basic internet plans are more expensive than the competitors because of the higher download and upload speeds. Plans start at $49.99/month for 10 GB of data and go up to $129.99/ month for 25 GB of data.

The newest plan called Freedom, has the best Exede internet plans review. For $99/month customers can receive unlimited data at the same 12 Mbps speed, making it a great value for heavy Internet users. The plan is only available in certain areas.

Customers looking for TV reported saving money in DIRECTV Exede internet reviews. Customers who bundle receive $10 off the first year of their internet service and get their setup fee waived.


Exede internet online gaming reviews bring up the latency issue that comes with satellite internet. Satellite internet requires communication between three satellites, one at the customer's home, one orbiting in space, and the other at the internet provider's hub. This process takes seconds at the most, but can be noticeable, especially in gaming. Content is typically streamed fine, it can buffer before playing, but online gaming requires many commands to be quickly executed.


Satellite internet requires a small dish being set up outside the home. Satellite internet is typically the only option for people living in areas without cable or telephones lines already set up. Viasat internet service reviews bring up the installation process, which can cost up to $99 depending on your location. Customers have the choice of leasing the satellite dish for around $10 a month, or pay around $220 dollars upfront. All plans require a two-year contract, which is a drawback for some, in the ViaSat Exede internet reviews. Customers who decided to break the contract had to pay $15 dollars for every month left. Exede internet service reviews are positive about overall reliability. Satellite dishes can have reliability issues during storms, or if the signals are physically blocked, but Exede's service was generally reliable.

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