Can I get Viasat Where I Live?

The great thing about Viasat satellite internet is that it is available just about anywhere in the United States, even in the most rural of locations.  By calling the number at the top of your screen with your street address and ZIP code ready, you can find out what Viasat internet plans are available in your location. 

Viasat satellite technology brings enhanced internet speeds that can surpass that of your typical DSL or cable internet, speeds previously unavailable to many living in remote rural locations.  And the Viasat satellite technology makes the connection very reliable, with no danger of damaged lines from weather or construction that users of other internet providers have to worry about.  As long as your dish has access to the sky, the connection to Viasat satellites will remain unbroken.
So can you get Viasat internet where you live?  Almost definitely yes!  But what plans are available will vary upon location.  The good news is that all plans come with unlimited data, but they will have different max download speeds and different data thresholds.  Download speeds can vary from 12Mbps all the way up to 100Mbps depending on which plan you choose.  Data thresholds don’t cap the amount of data you have, but those who are under the threshold during a billing cycle receive priority in their internet speeds.

Viasat in your Area   

Call this number to learn what plans are available where you live. 

What Viasat Plans Are Available Where I Live?

Different locations around the US will have different Viasat plans available to them.  These plans will be determined by which Viasat satellite beams can be accessed in your location.  By calling the number above and providing your ZIP code and street address, a Viasat rep will be able to tell you what Viasat satellite beams are available in your location and what plans you may choose.  The rep will also be able to explain the plans to you and what each one has to offer.
Viasat’s fastest internet plan is Unlimited Platinum 100, provided by Viasat-2 technology. This is also the most popular plan among rural users.  But this plan isn’t available everywhere.  In places where Viasat-2 satellite beams do not service, users can expect download speeds of up to 30 or 50 Mbps.
Though the top plans don’t reach everywhere in the US, the basic plans are available almost anywhere.  One such plan is Viasat’s Unlimited Bronze 12, which has download speeds of up to 12Mbps.  This plan is perfect for basic internet usage, email, and social media use, but not ideal for data-heavy activities like streaming videos online. 

Viasat Voice and DIRECTV Bundles

When you install a Viasat satellite dish at your location, you are set up for more than just internet service.  With Viasat Voice VoIP, you can bundle your phone service in with your Viasat high-speed internet service, giving you unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada. With DIRECTV bundles, you can enjoy 200 HD channels of satellite television. 
Viasat can be installed almost anywhere in the 50 United States.  If you use internet, phone, and tv, by bundling Viasat Voice and DIRECTV with your Viasat internet service, you can get all the services you need while saving on your total bill. 

Choose Viasat and a Professional Technician Will Perform the Installation for You

When you choose Viasat, you will not be expected to perform any installation on your own, no matter where you live.  A professional service technician will install your Viasat satellite dish and set up your internet modem for you.  They will configure your Wi-Fi and help you connect all your devices.  If you have bundled Viasat Voice with your internet service, they will also complete that installation so that you will be ready to make phone calls right away.
If you have bundled DIRECTV with your Viasat internet, this installation may happen at a later date.
So, can you get Viasat internet where you live? Yes you can.  And by bundling Voice and DIRECTV with your internet service, you can get all your needed services at a discounted price.  On top of this, Viasat internet allows you to control any of your smart home devices via Wi-Fi.  If you have a smart thermostat, smart security system, or even a smart microwave, Viasat internet will enable you to control these from any location from the convenience of your smartphone.

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