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Whether you use the internet for work or for play at home, you want fast, reliable service. Thanks to continued updates in technology, HughesNet satellite internet keeps getting better. With HughesNet Gen 5, you just might discover the best internet solution yet.

How Fast is HughesNet Gen 5? 1-855-690-9884

HughesNet Gen 5 is the fastest service yet. It provides up to 25 Mbps regardless of which plan you choose. This means you can surf the web faster and download files or send emails with no noticeable delay. Your kids will learn faster and you can share your favorite photos or listen to music with the fastest speed for HughesNet internet.

What HughesNet Internet Plans Have to Offer

You have the option to choose from four service plans with the right amount of data to meet your needs. Whether you like to browse or shop online or you enjoy spending hours gaming, watching movies or hanging out on social media, you want enough data to keep you going all month long.

Save your data by using the Bonus Zone, which is included in all four HughesNet internet packages. This off-peak time is perfect for downloading movies or files so you don't use up your data. The Bonus Zone is from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. with up to 50 GB of data free each month in addition to your monthly plan.

One of the benefits of HughesNet Gen 5 plans is that you don't have any hard data limits. You can stay connected even if you go over your plan in a month. You'll have reduced speed, but you can still be online at no additional charge. If you want to go back up to full speed, you can use a data token or upgrade your plan.

Save data with HughesNet because it compresses the web content through SmartTechnologies™ , which makes your webpages load even faster without using more of your data. The video data-saver also takes less data so you can watch videos in DVD quality.

Everyone in your home can connect to HughesNet high speed internet with built-in Wi-Fi. Catch up on social media with your tablet or watch videos on your smartphone while someone else plays games with their laptop. Even Wi-Fi connections give you plenty of speed with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You can even create a guest Wi-Fi account for your visitors.

HughesNet Satellite Technology

The EchoStar XIX Satellite provides faster internet service all around the country to connect more households and businesses. Combined with JUPITER system technology, it covers all the contiguous U.S. states, as well as Alaska. With the highest-capacity broadband satellite, HughesNet Gen 5 speed ensures more people stay connected and can do what they want online with no delays or lag time.

Find Out More about HughesNet Internet

You can find out more about the available HughesNet plans or specifically about Gen 5 when you contact HughesNet customer service. Find out if the service is available in your area, and discover which plan may be right for you.

Ask about HughesNet internet speed in your area and see how it fits your family's needs. You can also go online to see the latest HughesNet reviews and find out what other customers think about the product. Compare HughesNet internet service with other providers and you'll see how much more you get to keep you online all the time.

Once you've seen the HughesNet Gen 5 reviews, you can decide if it's the right option for your home or business. Contact customer service to learn more about HughesNet Gen 5 pricing and get answers to all your questions. HughesNet Customer Service can set up installation so you can get connected.

How to Buy HughesNet Satellite Internet

Call the HughesNet phone number to set up installation and to purchase a plan or you can find a local dealer. Check out the HughesNet internet reviews to find a reputable dealer. Your other option is to order online for added convenience. You can easily be set up and online in just a few days with the fastest internet available.

HughesNet mobile internet provides fast, reliable service for all of your online needs, including the following:

Work from home with an internet connection that's always online. As more people move into part- or full-time work from home careers, the need for fast internet service will continue to grow. HughesNet will continue to be on the forefront, utilizing the latest technology to keep everyone connected, no matter how remote the location or how much data they need.

Check out the latest HughesNet Gen 5 review and learn more about how this satellite internet product can enhance your life.

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