Does Viasat Require a Contract?

Viasat usually comes with a 24-month contract for your satellite internet service. However, if you wish to pay the Viasat No Long-Term Contract fee, you may opt for a month-to-month payment plan.

Is There a Fee for Terminating My Contract Early?

Terminating your contract early will cancel your normal monthly payments to Viasat, but you will face a $15 per month fee for every month left on your contract. So for a 24-month contract, if you end it after one year, you will have to pay $15 per month for the remaining 12 months. This fee will be automatically charged to the payment method on account with Viasat.
If you don’t want the long-term commitment of a 24-month plan, you can pay Viasat’s No-Long Term Contract fee of $300 when you first sign up for your Viasat service. If you choose this option, you can cancel your Viasat internet at any time without any penalty.
If you aren’t sure which route is better for you because you aren’t sure how long you will be at your current location, a good rule of thumb is that if you will be there for at least four months, it is better to go with the long-term contract. At that point, $15 per month will be cheaper than $300 up front.

Does Viasat Require a New Contract if I Move?

If you move to a new location that does not have Viasat already installed, or if you wish to upgrade to a better Viasat plan, you must renew your 24-month Viasat satellite internet contract.
Because Viasat internet does not require landline infrastructures to reach you, you can expect to continue your Viasat service anywhere you move in the United States, even at the most remote locations. Fiber, Cable, and DSL internet are limited by the reach of their infrastructure. With Viasat internet, all you need is a clear view of the sky.

Does Viasat Require a New Contract When the Original Contract Ends?

After the initial 24-month contract, Viasat customers can continue their internet service on a month-to-month basis.

Does Viasat Require a New Contract If I Change Internet Plans?

If I Upgrade My Viasat Internet Plan:

An upgrade to your Viasat internet plan might require upgraded Viasat equipment or for a Viasat service technician to make a visit to your location for installation and service. If either of these two are the case, you would be required to begin a new 24-month contract.

If I Downgrade My Viasat Internet Plan:

A downgrade in your Viasat internet plan should not require a new contract. If you decide that you want less download speed or data allowance, you may choose to downgrade. However, you must continue with your initial plan for at least 30 days after activation before downgrading.

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