Whether you need help setting up Viasat internet for Residential or Business use, Viasat Customer Service representatives are waiting and ready to help.  Call 855-463-9333 and a Viasat Customer Service rep will be able to discuss internet options, discuss the service contract, and set up an appointment for your satellite internet installation.  A Viasat service technician will then meet you at your home at the scheduled date and time to install all necessary equipment and help you connect your devices to your newly installed Wi-Fi.

For information about services, please call: 1-855-690-9884

For Issues with Viasat Satellite Internet Services and Internet Connection Issues, Please Call 855-463-9333

With Viasat Customer Service, there’s no need to sift through a bunch of numbers to figure out which one you need to call.  To talk to a Viasat Customer Service representative (formerly Exede or Wildblue Customer Service), just call 855-463-9333, and a representative will know exactly where to transfer you.  Whether you’re having an issue with one of your Viasat services or you want to discuss available upgrades, talking to a Viasat Customer Service representative at 855-463-9333 will provide you with the service you need.

Viasat Customer Service Via Live Chat and Email

You can also contact Viasat Customer Service using the Live Chat feature on their customer service website or by contacting Viasat Customer Service via email.

Before You Contact Viasat Customer Service…

Before you call customer service or initiate a live chat session, here are a few easy things to try that might solve your issue.  The first step to try is to unplug your internet modem for one minute.  After you turn it back on, the issue will often be resolved on its own.  Also, check to see what programs or web pages are running in the background.  These are often still using precious internet data and causing your internet to slow down.
If you need to schedule an appointment with a  Viasat Customer Service technician to help resolve an issue on site, please make sure you schedule for a date and time at which you can be present and available.

For Issues with Paying Your Viasat Bill, Please Call 855-463-9333

The easiest way to pay your Viasat bill is online via the Viasat Customer Service portal.  This is even easier when you set up auto-pay.  If you prefer other payment methods, you can pay over the phone by calling a Viasat Customer Service representative at the number above. This option will add a required $5 assistance fee to your bill.
You can also call the Viasat phone number listed above if you have accidentally overpaid your bill.
If you have any question regarding your monthly bill, the first place to check is your email.  Viasat will send you an email with information regarding your monthly statement.  But there shouldn’t be any surprises or anything confusing on your statements since your charges stay the same through the entirety of your contract.  However, if you have any questions involving billing, please feel free to call the number above and a Viasat Customer Service representative will be happy to help you.



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