Revolutionize Your Internet Experience with Viasat's Advanced Satellite Technology

In the era of digital connectivity, satellite internet is a marvel that connects the remote and the unconnected. The technology works by beaming data from your device up to an orbiter in the sky and back down to a network operations center on Earth, ensuring coverage spreads far and wide. While traditional terrestrial networks may stumble in certain locales, satellite internet provides a reliable internet connection almost anywhere under the open sky.

Such global reach, though, does come with its hurdles, including latency and the battle with inclement weather. Yet, advancements in technology are overcoming these challenges, with Viasat leading the charge. Through their continual innovation in high-capacity satellite platforms, Viasat has harnessed capabilities that push the boundaries of satellite internet speed and reliability, delivering a connectivity solution that is competitive with ground-based services. By choosing Viasat, consumers and businesses alike can enjoy the unique benefits of a truly advanced satellite internet service.

Viasat Internet Plans and Pricing: Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding the various options for satellite internet can be daunting. Viasat offers a range of internet plans designed to cater to the diverse requirements of its customers. Whether you are a casual surfer or a heavy bandwidth user, Viasat has a plan that's just right for you.

Explore Viasat's Internet Plan Selection

Viasat's service tiers are crafted to offer flexibility and value. From basic plans suitable for light browsing and email to more robust packages allowing for streaming and large downloads, the choice is yours. Here's an overview of the spectrum of plans Viasat brings to the table:

Viasat Pricing Structure:

The cost of Viasat's internet service varies based on the service tier you select. Each plan is priced to reflect the speed and data allowance it provides, ensuring you only pay for what you need:

Choosing the Right Viasat Plan for You

Choosing the best Viasat internet plan requires consideration of your online habits and budget. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision:

By analyzing these factors, you can select a Viasat plan that not only fits your lifestyle but also offers the best value for your money.

Explore the High-Speed Promise of Viasat Internet

Viasat Internet provides users with high-speed satellite internet, a game-changer for individuals in both urban and remote locations. But what does Viasat Internet speeds mean for the everyday user? Let's dive into the specifics.

Detailed Viasat Speeds at Your Fingertips

Depending on the plan you select, Viasat Internet offers a range of speeds to accommodate different online activities and household needs. Speeds can soar up to 100 Mbps for premium plans, which is more than sufficient for streaming, downloading large files, and engaging in video conferences without a hiccup. These speeds are always evolving, ensuring that Viasat customers continue to enjoy competitive internet performance.

How Do Viasat Speeds Stand Up Against Terrestrial Internet?

When compared to terrestrial broadband, Viasat's top-tier speeds are impressive, particularly for satellite internet. While the average terrestrial broadband speeds may offer similar numbers on paper, Viasat's advantage lies in its accessibility. Unlike traditional wired internet, Viasat's satellite technology reaches areas far beyond the confines of cable and fiber-optic networks, bringing reliable high-speed internet to rural and hard-to-reach regions.

Navigating the Variables: Weather and Viasat Internet Speeds

It's important to note that satellite internet speeds can be affected by weather conditions; however, Viasat has incorporated advanced technology to minimize disruptions. Although severe atmospheric conditions can cause temporary drops in speed or connection quality, Viasat continues to invest in robust infrastructure to maintain optimal service performance and reliability during diverse weather phenomena.

Explore Viasat's Extensive Coverage and Check Your Availability

Understanding the reach and availability of your internet service provider is crucial for a seamless online experience. Viasat's advanced satellite technology allows for extensive coverage that spans across the vast territories of the United States. This makes Viasat internet a reliable source for connectivity, especially in locations where traditional broadband services may not be present.

Mapping Viasat's Satellite Internet Coverage

Viasat offers its services through a network of high-capacity satellites positioned in geostationary orbit. This placement enables the provision of internet service across broad geographic areas, including both densely populated urban regions and remote rural locales. The coverage map visually represents this expansive reach, assuring potential customers of Viasat's presence nationwide.

Connecting the Underserved: The Role of Satellite Internet

Access to reliable internet is not universal. Many areas, particularly in remote and rural regions, lack the infrastructure for cable or fiber-optic internet. This is where Viasat's satellite internet steps in, serving as a lifeline for residents and businesses in these underserved communities. By offering high-speed internet via satellite, Viasat bridges the digital divide, ensuring that no matter where you live, you can stay connected.

How to Check Viasat Internet Availability in Your Area

Wondering if Viasat is available at your location? The process of checking availability is straightforward. Potential customers can easily verify service access by entering their address on Viasat's website or by getting in touch with customer service representatives. Viasat's commitment to customer convenience is reflected in the simplicity and efficiency of their availability check process.

Get Connected: Viasat Internet Installation and Equipment Guide

Getting set up with Viasat Internet is straightforward. Our professional technicians will take care of everything from installation to ensuring your equipment is functioning correctly, so you can enjoy high-speed satellite internet without a hitch. Below is what you can expect during the Viasat installation and the equipment necessary for our service.

Step-by-Step Viasat Installation Process

From the moment you decide to join the Viasat family, our aim is to make your transition to satellite internet as smooth as possible:

Equipment Needed for Viasat Internet Service

The essential equipment for accessing Viasat's service includes:

Potential Costs and Rental Options for Equipment

The cost of the equipment may be included in your internet service plan. However, here's what to expect regarding equipment costs and rental options:

At Viasat, professional installation and high-quality equipment mean you’re assured of a seamless start to your satellite internet experience. If you have any questions about the installation process, costs, or equipment rental options, please reach out to our customer support team for detailed information.

Data Allowances and Limits on Viasat Internet

Viasat's data allowance plans are designed to suit various user needs, ensuring that subscribers can choose a package that aligns with their internet consumption habits. Viasat offers different tiers of data plans, each with a specific data cap to cater to light, moderate, and heavy internet users. It's essential for potential and current subscribers to understand these allowances to select the most appropriate service level.

Overcoming Data Limit Exceedances

When users exceed their data limits, Viasat's policy is to slow down the internet speeds rather than charge overage fees. This practice is commonly referred to as "data throttling" and is implemented to ensure that even those who have surpassed their allotted data can still have internet access, albeit at reduced speeds. Subscribers can monitor their usage via the Viasat customer portal to avoid unexpected slow-downs.

Effective Data Usage Management

By following these tips on managing data usage effectively, Viasat customers can enjoy continued internet access and get the most out of their satellite internet service.

Customer Service and Support at Viasat Internet

At Viasat Internet, we understand that reliable customer support is as crucial as the internet service itself. We are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive support system geared towards addressing their needs promptly and effectively. Here's a look at how Viasat ensures a superior customer service experience.

Overview of Viasat's Customer Service Offerings

Viasat's customer service is designed to be as accessible and responsive as possible. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to helping you resolve any issues you encounter and to provide support for your service and equipment. Whether you have a billing query or require technical assistance, Viasat’s customer care is ready to assist.

Channels for Support

Handling Customer Inquiries and Technical Issues

Viasat prioritizes efficient resolution of customer inquiries and technical issues. Our multi-channel support system is designed to identify and address problems quickly, minimizing disruptions to your internet service. Whether it's a simple question or a complex technical challenge, Viasat's customer support team uses a proactive approach to ensure customer satisfaction and continual service improvement.

Exceptional Network Reliability and High-Performance Internet with Viasat

Understanding the significance of dependable internet connectivity, Viasat is committed to delivering unparalleled network reliability and performance. We recognize that consistent access to the internet is a vital component for both personal and professional activities in today's digital age. Here we discuss key aspects that highlight Viasat Internet’s commitment to excellence in network performance.

Metrics on Viasat's Network Uptime and Reliability

Viasat takes pride in maintaining high standards for network uptime. Our comprehensive monitoring systems ensure that network performance meets the expectations of our users. Key metrics indicate that Viasat maintains an impressive record of network availability, ensuring that users remain connected to our reliable satellite internet service with minimal disruptions.

Performance Reviews from Existing Users

Feedback from our existing customers is a critical indicator of our service quality. Performance reviews consistently reflect satisfaction with the resilience and consistency of Viasat Internet connections. Users across various regions report a satisfying online experience, from streaming media to engaging in heavy data tasks, thanks to Viasat’s robust network infrastructure.

Viasat's Commitment to Improving Network Performance

At Viasat, we are continually investing in technology and infrastructure to enhance our network performance. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we strive to not only meet but exceed the performance demands of modern internet usage. Viasat endeavors to push the boundaries of satellite internet to deliver high-speed and reliable connectivity that rivals traditional broadband services.

In conclusion, Viasat's resolute dedication to offering a reliable and high-performing network underscores our promise to keep you connected when it matters the most. Our mission is to provide an internet service that not only connects but also empowers individuals and communities.

How Viasat Internet Stacks Up Against Other ISPs

When considering Viasat for your internet service, it's important to understand how it compares to other types of ISPs. Here we'll provide a side-by-side comparison, discussing the variance in speeds, prices, and service quality.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Viasat vs. Other ISPs

Speeds: Viasat offers competitive satellite internet speeds that can rival DSL and some cable internet providers, especially in rural areas where other high-speed options are not available. However, it generally does not match the top speeds provided by fiber optic services.

Prices: Satellite internet, including Viasat, tends to be pricier than DSL or cable, reflecting the technology's expansive coverage and the costs of maintaining a satellite network. Value is often found in Viasat's ability to provide service in areas where other options are limited or non-existent.

Service: One of the main advantages of Viasat over other ISPs is its broad coverage, making it an option in many remote locations where traditional broadband services fail to reach. On the flip side, weather-related disruptions can be more prevalent with satellite internet than with cable, DSL, or fiber connections.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Satellite Internet

Choosing between Viasat and other ISPs will depend on your specific needs, location, and budget. For those in well-connected urban areas, cable or fiber might be preferred for their speed and value. Yet for users in regions with limited infrastructure, Viasat's satellite technology provides a reliable alternative that keeps you connected where it otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Viasat for Remote and Rural Locations

Connecting the unconnected, Viasat plays a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide for remote and rural communities. As terrestrial broadband infrastructure often neglects less densely populated areas, Viasat's satellite internet technology is critical to providing high-speed internet access to these underserved regions.

The Role of Viasat in Bridging the Digital Divide

Viasat's satellite internet services are uniquely positioned to deliver broadband connectivity to rural locations, far from the reach of traditional cable or fiber networks. By beaming internet access directly to subscribers' homes through an advanced satellite system, Viasat ensures that geography is no longer a barrier to being online, fostering greater equality in digital access.

Case Studies of Viasat in Remote Communities

Testimonials from Rural Customers About Connectivity Impacts

"Viasat has truly changed the way we live out here," says Jane, a resident from a remote ranch in Wyoming. "Our kids can now participate in online learning, and we're even streaming our favorite shows, which was unimaginable before." Meanwhile, Mike, a small business owner in a rural coastal town, adds, "Viasat internet has enabled us to expand our market by selling our products online, reaching customers nationwide."

Explore Unlimited Data with Viasat Internet

When it comes to staying connected, the need for unlimited data is becoming increasingly important. Viasat Internet offers a selection of unlimited data plans designed to meet a variety of online needs, keeping you online without the worry of data caps.

Understanding Viasat's Unlimited Data Plans

Viasat's unlimited data plans are built to provide you with a worry-free internet experience. Subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, browsing, and downloading. However, it's key to understand what 'unlimited' means in the context of satellite internet. While these plans won't charge extra fees for data usage after a certain threshold, they are subject to Viasat's fair use policy.

What Does the Fair Use Policy Entail?

Viasat's fair use policy is designed to ensure a quality experience for all users. Essentially, customers who consume a large amount of data may see reduced speeds during times of network congestion. This policy is standard among satellite internet providers and is something to consider when selecting an unlimited data plan.

Comparing Unlimited to Capped Data Plans

Choosing between unlimited and capped data plans comes down to your specific internet needs. Unlimited plans are ideal for users with high data demands – those who frequently stream, game online, or have multiple users on one network. In contrast, capped data plans can be more cost-effective for users with lighter internet usage, but overages can be costly.

In summary, Viasat's unlimited data plans offer an expansive internet experience, suited to the modern user's demand for constant connectivity. It's important to weigh the fair use policy and your personal or household internet needs when choosing the right plan for you.

Bundling Services with Viasat: More Than Just Internet

Viasat Internet doesn’t just keep you connected; it can also be the one-stop solution for all your digital home service needs. By bundling your internet service with Viasat's TV and phone options, you can enjoy the convenience and cost savings that come with package deals. Discover the benefits of combining your services with Viasat and how it can lead to a simpler and more streamline home connectivity experience.

Bundled Package Options with Viasat

Choose from a variety of bundled options that fit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you're looking for just TV and Internet, or an all-inclusive package that also adds phone service, Viasat has a bundle for you. These packages are designed to give you the best of entertainment and communication while saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers.

Pricing Advantages of Bundling

When you bundle services with Viasat, you’re not just simplifying your home services but also tapping into significant pricing benefits. Customers who opt for bundling are eligible for discounted rates that are not available when services are purchased separately. This pricing advantage cumulatively leads to substantial savings on your monthly bills.

Simplifying Customer Bills and Support

One provider, one bill, one point of contact—bundling your services with Viasat means that you’ll have fewer bills to keep track of and a more unified customer support experience. In the event that you need assistance, you’ll have a single, dedicated support team that understands the full scope of your services, eliminating the runaround and ensuring that your issues are resolved promptly.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Viasat Internet has been a subject of diverse user experiences and testimonials. As a leading provider of satellite broadband services, the company has received ratings that span a wide range of user satisfaction levels. Below is a compilation of user reviews that encapsulate the reception of Viasat's Internet service.

Compilation of User Reviews and Ratings for Viasat Service

Analysis of Common Praise Points and Areas for Improvement

Real-life Experiences with Viasat's Connectivity

Customer John Doe from a rural region remarks, "Viasat was the only Internet service that could reach us out here, and it's been a game changer for my family's connectivity needs."

Another user, Jane Smith, notes, "While the speed can fluctuate during peak times, having Viasat as an option has allowed me to work from home effectively."

However, a testimonial from Alex Johnson addresses some concerns: "As much as I've enjoyed the wide coverage, I find the data allowances restrictive, and I'd like to see more flexible plans with higher data caps."

These testimonials reflect real-world user experiences, and shed light on both the strengths and improvement areas for Viasat Internet. As the company continues to evolve, these customer insights are invaluable for future enhancements to service offerings.

Viasat Business Solutions

Viasat Business Solutions are tailored to meet the unique connectivity needs of modern enterprises. From small local businesses to large corporations, Viasat's advanced satellite internet technology ensures that you stay connected, no matter where your operations are located.

Services Offered by Viasat for Businesses

Viasat provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to address various business requirements, including:

Benefits of Satellite Internet for Business Sectors and Operations

Satellite internet from Viasat brings numerous advantages to businesses operating across different sectors:

Case Studies Highlighting the Effectiveness of Viasat Business Solutions

Our success stories demonstrate how businesses like yours benefit from Viasat’s satellite internet solutions:

By choosing Viasat Business Solutions, companies gain a competitive edge through uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing productivity and enabling innovation.

Viasat's Role in Elevating In-Flight Connectivity Experiences

The era of disconnected skies is rapidly coming to an end, with the growing importance of in-flight internet connectivity becoming more apparent to passengers and airlines alike. As travel and connectivity become increasingly intertwined, Viasat Internet is at the forefront of this aviation revolution, ensuring flyers stay connected even at 35,000 feet.

The Driving Force Behind Connected Skies

Viasat has been a pivotal player in transforming the flight experience by delivering high-speed internet to passengers mid-flight. Their advanced satellite technology enables travelers to browse, stream, work, and communicate seamlessly, ensuring the time spent in the air is just as connected as on the ground.

Viasat's Contributions to the Aviation Industry

Understanding the operational and passenger benefits, Viasat partners with a multitude of airlines worldwide, delivering solutions that are both robust and reliable. Their technology does not only cater to commercial passengers but also extends to enhancing operations through real-time data transmission, which is essential for modern aviation logistics.

Charting the Future Skyways with Viasat

Looking ahead, the prospects for Viasat in expanding in-flight connectivity are bright. Technological advancements are paving the way for even faster and more reliable connections aboard aircraft. With a commitment to innovation, Viasat is poised to not only meet but exceed the burgeoning demands of tomorrow's in-flight connectivity standards, marking a new horizon in airborne internet experiences.

Choosing Viasat Internet: A High-Flying Connectivity Solution

In conclusion, throughout this comprehensive guide, we've covered the innovative Satellite Internet technology behind Viasat, their versatile Internet plans and prices, the impressive speeds, and the expansive coverage area. We've also touched upon the uncomplicated installation process, fair data allowances, and the commendable customer service Viasat offers.

Viasat's commitment to network reliability and performance stands out, as does its ability to provide competitive services when compared to other Internet Service Providers. Particularly for those in remote and rural locations, Viasat's satellite connectivity ensures that Internet access is no longer out of reach. Furthermore, the unlimited data options, bundling services, and specialized business solutions highlight the company's dedication to meeting a variety of customer needs.

The role of Viasat in in-flight connectivity is a testament to the robust nature of their services, proving that Viasat can keep you connected even at 35,000 feet. We've shared user reviews and testimonials to give you a genuine understanding of what current customers think of their Viasat Internet experience.

Your feedback and personal experiences with Viasat are invaluable to us. We invite you to share your thoughts and join the conversation about Viasat's services. Have the data limits been sufficient for your needs? Have you found the Internet speeds to be consistent with your expectations? Let us know.

If you're ready to explore the clear skies of seamless satellite internet or want more detailed information about their services, visit the Viasat website. There, you can compare plans, check service availability in your area, and sign up to elevate your internet connectivity with Viasat. The world is just a click away with Viasat's trusted, high-speed Internet service.

For those looking for an internet option that isn’t limited by geography, namely those living in rural areas, Viasat internet is the solution many are seeking.  Viasat may not have the same pricing and data options that come with other forms of internet, but cable based internet options often fall short at reaching the more remote locations of the United States.  As a satellite internet provider, this is a problem Viasat does not have.

For those looking for a better internet option in rural areas, where cable, DSL, and other wire-based internets fall short or are nowhere to be found, this article will be more than helpful in guiding you through the ins and outs of Viasat internet.


Is Viasat Satellite Internet Worth it?

As already mentioned, in many locations Viasat can provide internet service that can’t be matched by other local options.  Let’s look a little more in depth at the pros and cons of Viasat internet:



Viasat internet isn’t without its drawbacks, but for someone who lives in remote areas of the United States, Viasat could be the best option available.  With it’s low prices (relative to other options in rural areas), and high speeds (relative to other satellite internet providers), Viasat could be the internet option you’ve been looking for.  In the rest of this article, we will walk you through your Viasat options and see how they compare to the competitors. 


Viasat Internet plans


Starting price per month

Price after 3 months

Max download speeds

Data allowance

Unlimited Bronze 12





Unlimited Silver 25





Unlimited Gold 50





Unlimited Platinum 100






          All four Viasat plans - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - come with unlimited data.   The difference between them lies in price, speed, and amount of data at which you get that speed, after which the speed will slow down.  These speeds can also vary by location, with some areas capping the available download speed.  But as mentioned before, Viasat is working on improving this in the future.  The upload speed across all plans and locations is 3Mbps.
If you find yourself in an area where download speed is capped, an upgrade in your Viasat Plan would increase the data allowance but not the download speed.  In that case, the difference between plans is reduced and an upgrade would only buy you more data allowance. 
Though not reflected in this chart, there are also variable data allowances for each plan.  Bronze can come with 35, 40, or 80 GB of data allowance per month,  Silver can come with 45, 60, 100, or 120 GB, Gold can come with 65, 100, or 200 GB, and Platinum can come with 150 or 300 GB.  Your data allowance will be determined by which Viasat plan you choose and your location.
Viasat across the United States
While Viasat is available everywhere, some locations will only have certain speeds offered.  Users can take advantage of Viasat’s top speeds (100 Mbps) in 48 ZIP codes in 31 states.  These areas receiving the fastest Viasat internet speeds can be found in and around Chattanooga, TN; Frankfort, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Oklahoma City, OK; and Dallas, TX.
But don’t worry if you don’t live in one of those locations.  Viasat has plans in the works to bring their top speeds to more locations by early 2022.  At that time they will be launching a new satellite, Viasat-3, which will, according to Viasat, “deliver more data with higher data thresholds, faster speeds (100+ Mbps service speeds), higher quality streaming, enhanced service reliability and service anywhere in the US.”

Other plans offered by Viasat

          Viasat’s Unlimited Bronze through Unlimited Platinum are only 4 of the services offered by Viasat, and the launch of the Viasat-3 satellite is only part of Viasat’s expanding services list.  Let’s take a look at a couple others.

Viasat Liberty
          Much like the plans mentioned above, Viasat Liberty comes with unlimited data.  Viasat Liberty offers up to 12Mbps of download speed and 12, 25, or 50 GB of data before speed is reduced by 1-5Mbps, depending on network traffic.  While similar in some ways to the Unlimited Bronze plan above, Viasat Liberty comes in at a cheaper price at the cost of less data.  Also, for any night owls or early birds, Viasat Liberty offers unlimited data between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Viasat Flex
          The Viasat Flex plan sets out to improve two of Viasat’s cons mentioned above: latency and weather interference.  By combining Viasat satellite internet with a DSL connection, Viasat Flex can reduce the wait time for data to arrive at your computer and improve internet performance when skies aren’t clear. 
Of course, installing twice the amount of equipment has a higher installation cost, but the monthly costs aren’t any higher than the normal Unlimited Plans.  Viasat Flex is a new service, so prices could change, but for now the added stability coming at no extra monthly cost is a great deal.

Installation and Equipment Fees
        Viasat’s installation and equipment fees are pretty standard for the industry.  Let’s take a closer look at your options.
Installation of Viasat internet will cost you a one-time fee of $100.  Depending on location and your credit, you could also qualify for free installation.  But this is only the installation of the equipment.  The equipment itself comes with a fee, either monthly or one-time upfront.  If you choose to rent the equipment, it will cost you $13 per month.  If you choose to buy it, it will cost you $299.  That may sound like a lot, but you will surpass $299 in your 24th month of renting.  And seeing that Viasat plans require a 2-year contract, that $299 will definitely save you money in the long run.
Now, there is a way out of that 2-year contract, but it won’t be saving you the money on buying equipment.  That’s because opting out of the 2-year contract requires an upfront, nonrefundable payment of $500.  But this might be the route you want to take if two years isn’t something you want to commit to.

How does Viasat stack up to the competition?

          Viasat’s biggest competitor in the rural internet market is HughesNet.  Overall, the pricing between the two companies is the same.  HughesNet plans go for $60-150 per month.  If you remember the chart above, this is very similar to the Unlimited plans offered by Viasat.  Installation and equipment fees are also very comparable with two-year contracts being required.
Where the difference shows up is in Viasat’s download speed and data allowance.  HughesNet download speeds are capped at 25Mbps (upload speeds are the same as Viasat’s, being capped at 3Mbps).  You’ll remember that depending on location, Viasat is reaching up to 100Mbps download speeds.  That’s a big difference.  HughesNet’s plans also only provide data allowances in the range of 10-50GB.  You’ll remember that Viasat’s Unlimited Platinum plan offers up to 150GB per month.  With HughesNet, customers can purchase extra data, which Viasat does not offer, but that’s an extra fee to get what Viasat already includes.

Viasat’s other competitors
          Viasat’s biggest competitors in most areas are not satellite internet options.  Fixed wireless, cellular, and DSL offer strong alternative options for people living in rural areas.  These options may not be available for the most remote of locations, but for those living in areas where these are available, let’s see how they compare to Viasat.
Fixed wireless is another option for some rural internet users.  Fixed wireless comes in at a lower price than Viasat and with lower latency than satellite internet providers in general, but many providers can’t match the speed of Viasat’s services.  For example, AT&T and Verizon’s fixed wireless plans have max download speeds of only 10-12 Mbps.  Rise Broadband is one provider that is able to match Viasat’s speeds, offering plans of up to 50Mbps download speeds. Fixed wireless, like satellite, will also suffer from outages due to weather conditions.
With cellular internet technologies constantly on the rise, this is another popular option for rural internet users.  With download speeds up to 25Mbps, unlimited data, and only $40 per month (or $60 for those using a mobile plan from a different provider), Verizon LTE is a popular choice.  At around $60 per month, T-Mobile Home Internet is similarly priced for unlimited data and up to 50Mbps download speeds. 
DSL can be a good option depending on location.  In many places, DSL simply can’t compare with Viasat’s 100 Mbps download speeds.  It’s an easy choice if you’re in a location where DSL providers such as CenturyLink, Frontier, and Windstream only offer you 1-10Mbps.  But DSL has more to offer if you live in a different area.  In the right places, DSL can match Viasat’s 100Mbps, and with lower latency, a lower price, and often with unlimited or very high data allowances.

What do Viasat Customers Say?
        Let’s start with the positive.  Viasat has a good track record of responding to complaints.  Of the 1,511 complaints issued with Viasat to the Better Business Bureau in the last three years, 720 have been resolved in just the last 12 months.  That sounds like a lot of complaints, but the issues have been the typical kind complaints received by internet providers across the country.  In addition, the way they’ve handled those complaints has led the Better Business Bureau to award them an A+ rating.
That said, Viasat is not reviewed by The American Customer Satisfaction Index or J.D. Power in their customer satisfaction reports.  This makes it difficult to say conclusively how customers feel about this company’s service. 

        Unless you live in some of the remotest locations in the United States, you will likely have other - sometimes better - options for your internet service.  But where cable and other internet services don’t reach, Viasat is likely your best option.  With speeds of up to 100Mbps and data allowances of up to 150GB, Viasat is the best internet available in many locations.  This availability does come at the cost of latency, price, and weather outages, so it’s important to weigh all the options.


Why do I need higher data allowances if data is “unlimited”?
Unlimited data and data allowance are talking about two different things.  Unlimited data means you will never run out of internet service.  As long as all other factors permit, using more internet will not make your internet stop working later in the billing cycle.  But it might slow down.  That’s because of the data allowance.  Data allowance is how much internet you can use at the top speed.  After you surpass the allowance, your internet will keep working, but at a slower speed.  Thus higher data allowances give you top speed performance for longer.

Can I play games online with Viasat?
Standard satellite internet has very high latency, which would make gaming very difficult, if not impossible.  But using the Viasat Flex plan combines DSL with satellite to lower latency and improve connectivity.  This could make gaming with Viasat possible.

Are Exede and Viasat the same?
Yes.  Exede internet services changed its name to Viasat in 2017 and has been operating under that name ever since.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet uses satellite technology to reach locations that can’t connect to cable, fiber, or other wire-based internet types. Satellite internet with unlimited data means anyone, anywhere can do everything they need to do online, without getting cut off or surprised with extra fees.

Internet From Space

Traditional internet providers use land-based infrastructures connected entirely by wires all the way from ISP to user. With satellite internet, the space between provider and user is just that, space. Signals travel to and from satellites located 22,000 miles above the earth.

How does this affect the service? The biggest difference is that because these satellites have such a broad view of the earth, they can provide internet to many never-before-reached locations. That’s why satellite internet is the internet of choice for many rural users. But satellite internet is more than just a backup option. It has come a long way in the past decade to provide internet services on par with modern internet needs. This includes internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps, unlimited data plans, and features that make the service more useful and more affordable.

How does Satellite Internet Work?

Other internet types send messages through wires from one point to another. Sometimes the last leg of the trip is broadcast wirelessly, for example with fixed wireless internet, but for the most part, the signals travel through cables under the ground. Satellite internet is mostly wireless. This is what it looks like:

  1. You click on a link. Your computer sends a request for that website to your modem, which forwards it to your satellite dish.
  2. Your satellite dish broadcasts the message into space where the satellite is waiting for it. This trip is 22,000 miles long.
  3. The satellite sends the message down to the internet provider’s ground station. Another 22,000 miles.
  4. The ground station forwards the request to the website’s server through internet cables.
  5. The website’s server receives the request and sends out the website information.
  6. The information travels back through the same path, including up to the satellite and back, all the way to your computer.

If you did the math, that’s almost 100,000 miles of travelling for a single click. This happens every time you open a link, use an app connected to the internet, or watch a video through a streaming service. It seems like it would take forever, but in actuality the whole trip takes less than one second!

Satellite Internet Speeds

If you live in rural America, you may be used to the snail-paced internet speeds of dial-up and rural DSL. In that case you’ll probably be happy with any satellite internet plan. However knowing what you need and what internet speeds are available can help you choose the internet speed that is best for you. Below is a guide of different internet speeds and what they are best for.

12 Mbps - This is a good speed for individuals who at most do light video streaming, or for small families that just want to visit websites, check email, and browse social media.

25 Mbps - This speed can handle 2 to 3 devices. It is good for video chat and light streaming, but not on too many devices at once.

50 Mbps - This speed can handle 3-5 devices. Internet plans with 50 Mbps download speeds can handle video conferences and HD video streaming, but not on many devices at the same time.

100 Mbps - This is currently the highest speed offered by satellite internet plans. It can handle 6 or more devices. It can perform any online activity with multiple devices connected at the same time.

Can I Stream with Satellite Internet?

With speeds of up to 100 Mbps, satellite internet is great at streaming. Even 4K Ultra HD only requires around 25 Mbps to stream. The only thing to be careful of is data usage. While data is often unlimited, your max speeds are usually only guaranteed for a set amount of GBs per month. This means that if you go over your usage, your speeds could be slowed down enough that streaming requires a lot of buffering. Reducing your streaming quality is a good way of conserving data to last all month long.

Is Satellite Internet Better than Cable?

It really depends on where you live. Satellite internet’s greatest strength is its reach. For many rural internet customers, satellite internet is the best way to get high-speed, reliable broadband internet. For those living in cities, cable is usually the better option. Let’s take a closer look at the two.

Satellite Internet:

Cable Internet:

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