How to Estimate Your Needed Internet Service Usage

If you are in the process of shopping for new internet service providers, but you aren't sure what type of internet plan or speed you need, then you have come to the right place. Using the robust tool below, you will be able to estimate your internet usage based on your weekly and monthly online activities.

The tool allows you to estimate the amount of time you spend doing the following online activities:

Based on your selections, you will able to not only get a feel for how much time you spend online and using the internet, but also which plan-either 10, 15 or 25-is right for you.

Which Internet Plan is Right for Me?

Let's say you spend the most time surfing or browsing the web, watching movies (in standard definition), streaming music while working or doing homework, and video chatting (i.e. Skype calls or Google Hangouts). Because you spend a great deal of time streaming media, your estimated monthly usage is approximately 30 GB per month, so the 25 plan would work best in this scenario.

However, if your online activities consist only of web browsing and surfing, spending a few hours each week on social media, and uploading and downloading a few photos and files, then you will likely be able to get away with the 10 plan because your estimated internet usage is estimated between 5 to 10 GB per month.

Even if these numbers are just rough estimates, what really changes the game is the amount of time you spend streaming media, such as music, videos, and movies-either in standard or high definition. If you are a "cord-cutter" and now rely on the internet for movie-watching, then you will likely need to up your internet speed.

How to Find an Internet Service Provider

Now that you have a better idea of your weekly and monthly ISP usage, you have a better idea as to which internet plan will work best for you. Begin searching for internet service providers that offer high-speed internet plans up to 30 GB per month. In fact, 25 to 30 GB are the fastest internet speeds for residential service, so finding an internet service provider in your area that offers high speed internet plans is key. We're here to help!

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