The Short Answer is No, it doesn’t.  That’s good news for those of you who are tired of reaching an unforeseen data limit before the end of the month and seeing your precious online activities fall to the wayside, or worse being surprised by a huge internet bill that you unknowingly racked up by using data beyond the cap.  High-speed internet is a must for anyone who enjoys online video streaming, online gaming, video chat, or even just looking at picture after picture of cats.  Limiting your internet usage should be a thing of the past, and fortunately Viasat satellite internet gives you the options to keep your online activities going strong all month. Let’s take a closer look at how Viasat’s data thresholds work for you to have all the internet you need.

How Viasat Data Thresholds Work

With all Viasat plans, data is unlimited.  What this means is that your internet will never run out and you will never find surprises in your monthly bill. Viasat and Viasat 2 technology offer multiple plans that all include this unlimited data, but they also have something called a data threshold.  How does this work? Every plan comes with a data threshold determined by what a customer needs, and if a customer happens to reach that threshold before the end of the month, instead of losing internet service altogether or being hit with heavy fines, their internet speeds might see a slight decline during times of heavy network congestion.  This means your internet never runs out and the price never changes.

Viasat Has No Data Caps.  Plans are Available for All Customer’s Needs.

With no data caps, does Viasat have plans that meet your needs?  How do these plans fit your budget? Depending on your geographical service location, there is a wide range of plans available for Viasat satellite internet users.  Let’s take a look at an entry-level plan: Unlimited Bronze 12.  This plan - as do all plans - comes with unlimited data.  This unlimited data comes in at speeds of up to 12 Mbps for only $50 per month.  At the other end, Viasat also offers more premium plans such as Unlimited Platinum 100.  This high-speed choice brings your unlimited data in at up to 100Mbps at the base price of $150 per month.  You also get free, unmetered data during a few off hours in the middle of the night.  This is a great time to get your data-intensive jobs done without adding to your monthly data usage.  And as a bonus, you get your first three months at a discounted price that won’t include any hikes or surprises.  There are other ways Viasat can help you save on your monthly bill, for example bundling your DIRECTV with your satellite internet is a great way to take a chunk off your total monthly price. 

Other internet service providers may seem to have unlimited data at max speeds, but sometimes their data thresholds are just unadvertised.  These invisible data limits create situations where unsuspecting users suddenly experience a throttled internet speed for seemingly no reason.  With Viasat, you know exactly what you're getting and at what price.  By using data thresholds that you choose, Viasat offers you unlimited, reliable internet with the amount of data you need at a price that will not change.  And if your plan gives you access to the free data zone during early morning hours, taking advantage of that free zone to complete your data-heavy internet projects makes the deal even sweeter.  If you want reliable satellite internet with no data limits and upfront, honest prices, then Viasat’s data thresholds - not caps - make their plans exactly what you’re looking for.  Viasat 2 technology plus Viasat’s unlimited data on all plans makes Viasat your best option for satellite internet.

Every Viasat internet plan comes with a specified amount of GB as its data threshold.  This threshold is not a cap because the internet service doesn’t stop when this amount is surpassed.  Rather, priority is given to accounts that have not yet reached their data threshold, causing those that have reached their threshold to occasionally experience somewhat slower download speeds when there is heavy network traffic.  But this occasionally slower service is only temporary.  As soon as the next monthly billing cycle begins, you will again experience your normal internet speeds.  

Does Viasat Internet Have Data Caps on Video Streaming?
Data used for video streaming will add to your monthly data usage and bring you closer to your Viasat plans monthly data threshold.  But there are several tools provided by Viasat to help you manage your monthly data usage.  Using the Viasat browser gives you access to built-in tools that help make your monthly threshold seem even bigger, tools like an ad-blocker that prevent data from being wasted on pop-up video advertisements, and tools like the handy data saver mode.  In addition, most streaming services provide options for lower resolution playback that can extend the lifetime of your data threshold significantly.  Depending on the size of the screen you're streaming on, SD and HD resolution is often indistinguishable from a lower resolution. Using these tools and using smart playback settings can allow your Viasat plan to keep streaming all month.


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