Will Starlink Work with Cell Phones?

Yes, it will! As the newest satellite internet provider, many are wondering about Starlink’s functionality. As Starlink is being captained by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the innovative space technology company, many are wondering what kinds of ideas and tricks might be coming. Elon Musk is known as someone who thinks outside the box, so it’s natural to think he has some ideas for Starlink.

When it comes to Starlink, there are two ways your cell phone could come into play. One is already available and the other could come in the future. The first is through your Starlink home network’s Wi-Fi. Through Starlink satellite internet, you can already set up a home Wi-Fi network and connect using your cell phone. The second way you may be able to use your cell phone could be coming in the future, and that is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP uses internet connections to provide phone services. While VoIP is usually a stationary service (as in, you can’t leave the reach of your home network), Starlink has plans in place to make its internet services more mobile in the future. This could eventually allow for a more mobile VoIP service. Starlink is only in its beta phase right now, and with the ingenuity of SpaceX driving the ship, anything could happen in the future.

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