How much does Viasat Internet cost per month?

Viasat pricing starts at $50 per month, and then it goes up to $70 per month after 3x months. Pricing is usually between $50 - $150 per month. The cost of Viasat’s satellite internet services per month depends on what part of the country you live in, what package meets your wants and needs, plus any extras or bundles you want to add to your plan.

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Plans generally range from $30 to $130 per month and typically increase after the initial three months. Various packages and benefits are available in different regions of the United States.

Viasat Satellite Internet Plans and Pricing

Get Unlimited Satellite Plans—Bronze, Silver, and Gold Plans —offer unlimited data to certain areas, and the cost typically ranges from an initial monthly cost of $50 to $100, and $70 to $150 per month after the initial three months.

Liberty Plans range from an initial plan price of $40 per month to $75 per month and later $50 to $100 per month, and include the Liberty Pass, which provides users with slower internet if the data limit is exceeded. Most Liberty plans also include a Video Data Extender, ideal for online streaming. Additionally, the Liberty 12 plan includes a daily Free Zone, which is conducive to large downloads.

Classic Plans are available for some, typically ranging from $50 to $130 per month, featuring a Free Zone. Add-ons for DirectTV or phone service are available for $29.99 per month each, and EasyCare customer support is available for an additional $5.99 per month.

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Unlimited Bronze 12 $50 12 Mbps 40 GB
Unlimited Silver 12 $70 12 Mbps 60 GB
Unlimited Gold 12 $95 12 Mbps 100 GB
Unlimited Bronze 25 $70 25 Mbps 35 GB
Unlimited Silver 25 $70 25 Mbps 60 GB
Unlimited Gold 30 $100 30 Mbps 100 GB
Unlimited Gold 50 $100 50 Mbps 100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100 $150 100 Mbps 150 GB

* For the first 3 months. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Get Viasat Satellite Internet Plans and Prices

*All internet plans require $9.99 per month cost for equipment leasing.

Viasat Internet: Bundle TV and Phone to Save with Viasat Satellite Internet Plans

Viasat offers great value in rural internet service, but there are more ways to capture real savings with your Viasat satellite internet plan.

Bundle Viasat internet service and home phone service and to save $10/month for the first six months. Bundle DIRECTV service with a Viasat internet plan for a $10 discount for 12 months. Better yet, bundle internet, phone and TV for an additional monthly charge of about $55 during the introductory period.

**Remember that these are introductory offers and your Viasat satellite internet bundle will increase once the promotional periods for phone and TV end.

Get the Speed You Need for your Business with Viasat Internet Plans

Two satellite internet options are available for businesses through Viasat:

Exede for Business Internet
Exede for Business offers plans ranging from 20GB to 200GB per month, at costs ranging from $99.99 to $499.99 per month with $10 for additional GB; these prices include the monthly equipment leasing.

Exede Redundancy
Exede Redundancy offers an excellent backup option, with 1GB per month at $59.99 and additional usage at $15 per GB.

The benefits of satellite internet for rural areas far outweigh those of cable internet and DSL, offering fast and consistently high quality connections.

Rural internet need not be slow nor expensive—Viasat offers a variety of reliable plans at competitive prices!
Get Viasat or GetViasat cost today!    Also consider Biostat Internet or viasat cable for your home or business.

Find Out What Viasat Satellite Internet Plans Are Available in Your Area

See what your Viasat satellite internet options for pricing are using the handy chat window. Just enter your email address and your ZIP code, and a live rep will help you find the satellite internet service that is best for you. If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative, give us a call to learn more about Viasat’s unlimited satellite internet plans or Viasat’s Liberty and Classic internet plans.

Don’t Break the Bank! Get Unlimited Data with Viasat Internet Plans

Unlimited data plans are the future of rural internet, and Viasat satellite internet is leading the way. In rural areas, satellite internet service is generally your best option for affordable, reliable internet service with a predictable monthly bill.

Viasat Gold 30 and Viasat Gold 50 are designed to accommodate households with many connected devices. These plans are a hit with modern rural families who place a premium on streaming video and music. While these satellite internet plans feature unlimited data, you will want to carefully assess your internet needs, particularly your video viewing habits, because Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers once you reach your data usage threshold for the month.

If you find you should have chosen a different satellite internet plan, Get Viasat cost has a simple solution—you can upgrade your internet service through your Viasat account portal, and the upgraded service will be available in just a few minutes!

Don’t Get Surprised! Viasat Internet Comes with a 2-Year Price Lock Guarantee

Viasat offers reliable high-speed internet in rural locations left behind by fiber, cable and even DSL. With Viasat’s commitment to providing high-speed satellite internet in remote areas comes predictable pricing—Viasat satellite internet packages come with a two-year price lock guarantee.

Viasat internet plans typically start with a low three-month introductory prices. After the introductory pricing period ends, the standard non-promotional internet package prices take effect. With Viasat internet service, you lock in pricing—except for taxes and surcharges. Enjoy surfing and skip the internet pricing surprises!

Save Money on your Viasat Monthly Cost

Video streaming is all the rage, but if you live in a rural area and want to watch unlimited movies and TV shows without buying an expensive satellite internet package, bundling Viasat satellite internet and DIRECTV may be the way to get affordable high-speed internet and great TV.

If you just use internet for checking email and looking up information, why not buy a basic satellite internet plan through Viasat? Start with a Viasat high-speed internet plan, such as a Liberty Plan, and bundle the DIRECTV plan that offers the shows you want.

Call today to talk with a Viasat representative who will help you put together a custom satellite internet bundle. Life is better when you have the satellite internet bundle that offers everything you want and need.

Viasat Internet Introductory Rates

All Viasat Internet plans come with the first three months at a lower introductory rate. Who doesn’t like a savings? You’ll pay the standard rate after those three months for service. Why not take advantage of the savings now? You can even pay yourself first with the difference between the standard rate and the introductory rate. You’ll know both rates when you first sign up. You could subtract the difference between the two, and for those first three months, pay your temporarily reduced Viasat bill and then bank the difference into a savings account. This is just a thought and obviously not professional financial advice but it seems like a simple and effective strategy. You’ll avoid getting too comfy with the lower initial rate and while you’re at it add a few dollars to your savings or another account. It’s one way to pay yourself first. Alternatively, just enjoy the savings while they last. Either way, you win.

No Gothca Penalties for Going Past Your Data Allowance

When comparison shopping it pays to be a details nerd so you can learn about what will happen if you exceed your internet data allowance. Most people under-estimate how much data they use and don’t consciously set out to “go over” but it can happen. With Viasat internet plans you don’t have to worry. You won’t be charged an extra fee if you go over your allowance but we will prioritize your data behind other customers and that means your speeds are likely to be slower during peak traffic times. Bottom line, you get unlimited data and won’t be charged extra.

Viasat Internet Costs Include Great Value

Depending on the price for the Viasat internet plans available at your location, you’ll have the choice of good-better-best Download Speeds and Data Allowances. Viasat internet plans offer Download Speeds ranging from 12 Mpbs to 100 Mbps and include High speed data allowances ranging from 40 GB to 150 GB in selected locations. The data Upload Speed is consistent at up to 3 Mbps as the standard.

Viasat internet plans at the entry level will deliver speeds and data volumes that get you online, check email and social media, and read the news. Mid-level and upper-level plans offer faster downloads and higher data allowances that will permit good streaming. Call us today to learn more about Viasat internet plans and costs.

ViaSat Announces Two New 150-GB plans. Call us today.

Unlimited Platinum 30. This plan is ideal for households with up to 4 people online at once. It includes download speeds of up to 30 Mpbs and upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps. It comes with 150 GB of high-speed data per billing period. It’s good for streaming. Once you exceed that data amount your data gets prioritized behind other customers during periods of congestion and so you’ll experience slower speeds. The first three months are at an introductory price and thereafter at the standard rate. Call us for details.

Unlimited Platinum 50. This plan is ideal for households with 4 people online at once. It includes download speeds of up to 50 Mpbs and upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps. It comes with 150 GB of high-speed data per billing period. It’s good for streaming. Once you exceed that data amount your data gets prioritized behind other customers during periods of congestion and so you’ll experience slower speeds. The first three months are at an introductory price and thereafter the at standard rate. Call us for details.

The best internet in America is now available in your area wherever you live. Whether you will be working from home, attending class online, watching a how-to video on YouTube, running a business, paying bills online, streaming your favorite shows or just staying in touch, Viasat delivers the speed and dependability you need to get online from home. Viasat speeds are up to 3x faster than typical DSL. You can choose among our data plans for the one that suits you. All our data plans include the same guarantee that if you go over your data amount there won’t be an additional fee but you will experience slower speeds during peak online traffic times.

You can even add protection against common online security threats with Viasat Shield Premium. Monitor all your connected devices on your smart phone from anywhere using our free app. It also blocks malicious websites form accessing your personal information or infecting your home network. You can also set up alerts to notify you of attempted cyberattacks. The fee for the extra protection is just $5.99 per month.

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