In a Comparison of ViaSat vs. Gogo Internet for Inflight Services, ViaSat Is the Clear Leader

Inflight Wi-Fi is the perfect way for passengers to stay connected while on the go—time in the air should be utilized just like time on the ground. Fortunately for those who fly frequently, it can be—unlimited satellite internet is abundantly available in the skies, even above 35,000 feet with ViaSat. Two major players have emerged as leading competitors in the airborne satellite internet industry: when it comes to ViaSat vs. Gogo internet, the airborne Wi-Fi network provided by ViaSat offers the best connection options. ViaSat satellite internet keeps you connected anywhere—including thousands of feet above the earth.

Passengers who take commercial airlines on American Airlines or other carriers and private jets want the same functionality with their inflight satellite internet in the air for WiFi as they have during taxi, takeoff, and after landing. A comparison of ViaSat vs. Gogo internet shows they offer similar internet services, but ViaSat satellite internet offers 12 Mbps. This speed provides some of the fastest internet in the skies, allowing access to everything air travelers might need from their internet service provider. With ViaSat, anyone with a flight pass has access to the same internet services at the same speeds. It’s hard to believe, but internet is available for all passengers—even crew—at the same speeds with ViaSat!

How fast is ViaSat Wi-Fi? Fast enough to connect passengers in the air to the websites and the activities that they love—fast enough to make passengers forget they are in the air. From downloading content to enjoying onboard entertainment to social media, unlimited satellite internet provided by ViaSat offers the perfect means for passengers to stay connected. Options are additionally extended to the crew, who can utilize the ViaSat Electronic Flight Bag or the ViaSat Cabin Management programs. ViaSat satellite internet offers a wide area of coverage as well—coverage spans much of North America, the North Atlantic, Western Europe, and the Middle East. A majority of flights in and out of the US have potential access to everything through ViaSat. Both initiatives serve the important function of keeping the crew connected.

Looking at ViaSat vs. Gogo internet offers a unique comparison, and conclusions will depend on the inflight WiFi needs of specific users. Where ViaSat and Gogo differ is the number of options offered, as well as the unmatched speeds that ViaSat offers. Passengers on commercial and business flights deserve satellite internet that seamlessly combines speeds and functionality on the ground with inflight services in the air. ViaSat satellite internet offers the fastest speeds and widest range of options on the market today to keep pilots and passengers connected.


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