HughesNet Speed Test

You may wonder what your internet speed is, especially if it seems to be lagging or particularly slow. You can run a test for your internet to find out how it’s performing. HughesNet has two tests customers can use to determine their internet speed.

Check the Web Response Test

You can run the Web Response Test to tell you how fast a website is loaded into your web browser. You can find out from this HughesNet satellite speed test if your system has slow browsing capabilities. To access the test, you’ll need to go to a site through HughesNet. The site provides both the Web Response Test and the Speed Test for you to check your internet performance.

How Can I Test My HughesNet Speed?

You can perform the HughesNet speed test to find out how fast the system is downloading and uploading data. Visit the HughesNet Performance Test website where you’ll run your HughesNet Gen4 Speed Test or HughesNet Speed Test Gen5.

To run either test, you should close out of all applications and browsers except for the page where the test will be performed. Any open pages can slow down your system and provide false results for the HughesNet internet speed test.

Perform each connection speed test for HughesNet at least five times to ensure you get accurate results. Don’t rely on just the first result for your information.

How to Get Faster Internet

If you have issues with slow internet service after running your speed test for HughesNet, you can try a few things to see if it improves the speed. First, make sure your modem is in a central location. Put it in a room where it will provide service to other areas of the house.

Clean out your satellite dish. Get rid of leaves and debris. Clean snow or ice off the dish so that it can transmit the signal without interruption. Also, look for any screws that might be loose, allowing the dish to turn just enough to lose the transmission.

If you have trouble with your internet service after seeing the HughesNet speed test results, you can contact HughesNet for assistance.
If you are located in a remote area and need reliable internet service, you should explore satellite internet through HughesNet.

HughesNet Download Speeds vs. Upload Speeds

Unless you regularly upload files to a website, you will want to pay more attention to HughesNet download speeds than upload speeds. The reason is simple—download speed determines how satisfactory your experience will be when you are browsing the web or streaming video. Download speeds are typically several times higher than upload speeds with all internet service providers, including HughesNet satellite internet.

When you do your HughesNet speed test, note the average latency—your ISP response time. HughesNet satellite internet latency is typically higher than it is for cable connections because the signal must travel to the HughesNet satellite in outer space and back again. The good news, this small about of lag time won’t be an issue for anyone other than those play high-intensity action video games!

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