Does Xfinity Offer Satellite Internet?

Xfinity is a cable and fiber company that provides internet access, cable TV, digital phone service, home security, and smart home capabilities. However, most of their customers use their internet and cable TV services.

As a company that specializes in cable and fiber, Xfinity doesn't provide satellite internet service. Xfinity cable and fiber internet services are often faster and cheaper than satellite internet options. So why consider satellite internet?

Satellite Internet

While Xfinity provides great cable fiber internet services, their coverage map is pretty sad. To say that it’s spotty is a huge understatement. Over 90% of Xfinity’s United States coverage map is just blank space. If you live in any part of that 90%, no Xfinity service for you.

This is understandable, as building the infrastructure needed to reach a group of potential customers is very costly for cable internet companies like Xfinity. They simply aren’t willing to make that investment if it means only reaching a couple thousand people.

Satellite internet, on the other hand, doesn’t need to invest in additional infrastructure to reach additional people. Satellite internet providers, like Viasat, can reach almost every single person in the United States because their satellites have a clear view of just about everywhere in the country. At 22,000 feet, internet satellites have a clear shot at almost every home and business in the 50 United States. This is why the coverage map of a company like Viasat is almost entirely covered.

While cable companies like Xfinity offer the fastest speeds, satellite internet companies like Viasat offer plans that are faster than what most households need. If you happen to live in an area with good Xfinity service, then count yourself lucky. Otherwise, satellite internet is a good option for you.

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