Viasat’s prospects are looking good going into 2022, with Viasat 3 both the area and capacity of their network will expand dramatically. With fierce competition from other internet service providers, it can be hard to predict who will come out on top. But Viasat has a good track record and is showing all the signs of a company that will be able to adapt and meet the challenges of a new generation.

First Viasat 3 satellite launches early 2022

Viasat 3 will increase Viasat’s total network capacity by over 700% and allow them to offer satellite internet service almost anywhere in the world. The first of the three satellites included in Viasat 3 is currently in the final testing phase as it is prepared for an early 2022 launch. This first satellite will cover both North and South America and add 1TB per second capacity to the network.

With the enhancements brought by Viasat 3, Viasat will be able to offer highspeed internet access to more people than ever before. Viasat looks ready to not only survive but thrive in the coming years. Viasat has a proven track record of making good strategic choices as technology has evolved and customers’ demands have changed and multiplied. It’s a good bet that Viasat will have even more up their sleeves to reveal in the coming years.

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