It should, but it is still possible for your connection to slow or even be interrupted due to heavy rain.

When looking for an internet service provider, reliability can be an important consideration. Losing your connection can mean being unable to work, connect with friends and family, or access the amazing amount of information the internet has brought to everyone’s fingertips. It can be hard not to get frustrated when the connection goes out, whether it’s during an important business meeting, or in the middle of movie. No connection is completely immune to bad weather, but some are getting very close to it.

Starlink appears to have created an internet connection that can stand up to a wide variety of weather, including heavy rain, strong winds, and even snowstorms. While your experience may vary, many Starlink customers have reported consistent speeds during heavy rain and even significant thunderstorms. There have still been some reports of slower than normal speeds and outages though. One of the most impressive features is the ability of the Starlink satellite dish to melt snow. It has a built-in thermometer and heating system that can keep the surface of the dish above the freezing point. Problems can still arise in climates with very high temperatures, though. The Starlink satellite dish is certified to operate between -22° and 104° Fahrenheit. When the temperature strays too far outside that range, the Starlink satellite dish may go into thermal shutdown. It should still function once the temperatures moderate though. A customer reported their satellite dish doing this when the temperature reached 122° and not becoming operational again until the temperature dropped below 104°.

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