Right now, no. But there are plans to make Starlink work on boats, RVs, and other vehicles in the future.

Starlink is linked to your address

Currently, when you sign up and purchase Starlink internet, your service is linked to your address and cannot be used anywhere else. It is sometimes possible to update your service if you move, but that’s only if you move somewhere Starlink is offering service. If you move outside the service area, you won’t be able to take your service with you. If they can move your service for you, the move is permanent. You can’t move it back if something goes wrong, so it would be wise to make sure your move is final before asking Starlink to update your address.

Don’t try to change your address if you’re on the waiting list

If you are already on the waiting list for Starlink internet, you may see that there is a map that allows you to change your service address. Unless you absolutely must, don’t use it! Customers have reported that using it sent them to the back of the line and for some, changed their wait time by years. If you must change your service address, be aware that it may increase your waiting time for Starlink dramatically.

Starlink plans to allow service to be used while in motion

Many customers want to be able to use their satellite dishes on the go. Whether it’s attached to an RV, boat, or other vehicle, having access to the internet while travelling is in high demand. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use Starlink internet for this purpose yet, but someday you will likely be able to use Starlink however you want, wherever you want.

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