Will Starlink Require a Dish?

As do all satellite internet services, Starlink will require a dish. Satellite internet technology uses satellites to bounce internet signals into and out of space. At each ground location involved in the transfer of signals, there must be a satellite dish to send and receive those signals. One such ground location is your home or business. Your satellite dish will take the data packets sent out by your computer, smart phone, or other devices and send them up to the Starlink satellite constellation that consists of thousands of satellites (with thousands more coming in the future). When data packets get sent back to you, you will again need your satellite dish, this time to receive the signal and forward the information on to your devices. Without a satellite dish, you can’t get satellite internet.

When you sign up for Starlink internet, you will receive your satellite dish along with a wifi router, a power supply, cables, and a mounting tripod. Altogether, this equipment will cost you $499 up front. With some satellite internet companies, you only lease the equipment and have to return it when you’re done. Though the initial price tag of Starlink equipment is high, it gives you access to the latest in satellite internet technology, and you get to keep the equipment forever. If you are interested in Starlink satellite internet, sign up on the Starlink website today.

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