Starlink satellite internet began its “beta” test rollout in fall 2020. Since then, the SpaceX company has continued to increase service coverage in North America and other parts of the world. SpaceX is regularly launching additional low orbit satellites as part of the network of satellites that will wrap around the globe.

How to Plan for Starlink Satellite Internet in Your Area

So far, Starlink satellite internet has offered extremely high-speed internet access for remote areas. There are several factors to consider in planning for Starlink satellite internet coverage in your area.

Potential customers in regions where there is already Starlink coverage and capacity should be able to place dish kit orders and anticipate delivery within a couple of months.

For potential customers in areas where Starlink is still expanding, the best way to faster Starlink access is to place a refundable deposit to secure a place on your regional waitlist. This pre-order deposit through the Starlink website is put toward up-front equipment cost.

When Starlink Will Be Available for You

If you are a potential customer who has not yet placed a deposit, you can visit the Starlink website and enter your address for an estimated time frame of service and equipment delivery. Those who have already placed a deposit will see closer estimated dates than those just joining their regional waitlist.

Starlink differs from other satellite internet providers; the dish and accompanying equipment, including any special mounting hardware, are purchased up front. There is no monthly equipment lease fee. When your dish kit is delivered, you do not have to wait to schedule an installation technician. Using a designated smartphone app, customers can install their own dish with relatively user-friendly instructions.

Will Starlink Be Delayed in Your Area?

In late 2021, Starlink pushed back estimated service and delivery dates, citing supply chain disruption. In winter 2022, extreme weather and workforce illness further delayed FedEx equipment deliveries. Potential subscribers who have already placed a deposit will still see the earliest timeframes. Delayed dates for Starlink satellite internet access range from late 2022 to early 2023.

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