WildBlue Internet is owned by Viasat and is now called Viasat Internet. After several years of partnership in the early 2000s, when ViaSat built modem equipment for WildBlue, Viasat in 2009 acquired WildBlue. This is why searching for WildBlue internet today will likely send you to a Viasat site. For a time after the acquisition WildBlue was marketed as Excede but that changed and Viasat now markets broadband internet service directly under its own name.

Viasat is proud of its name and continues to develop some of the most powerful satellites in the world. In early 2022 Viasat is expected to launch the first of three new constellation spacecraft satellites that in totality will essentially cover the entire globe. The first of the trio is undergoing testing at Boeing under harsh, space-like conditions, and should launch in early 2022 if all goes as expected. It will cover the Americas and surrounding ocean regions. When all three new satellites are in orbit Viasat is expected to delver eight times its current total capacity.

Many WildBlue customers have upgraded to Viasat internet plans and are getting the same friendly and knowledgeable customer service representation they enjoyed with WildBlue. Viasat understands the challenges that rural internet customers face.

WildBlue historically supported a free email account with your plan but support for those original email addresses ends after July 2021. Customers who are still using the legacy @WildBlue or @Excede email addresses can prepare by opening a new free email address with another provider. Several reliable and convenient free email applications are available for download at the App Store, Google Play Store, or online. Most integrate with a calendar that will notify you of upcoming appointments or events. These include Gmail (Google), Outlook (Microsoft), Yahoo, ProtonMail, iCloud Mail and others. Most of the free storage limits are generous but you can purchase more memory should you need it. Viasat offers an option to sign up for a new email with Zimbra Cloud or choose another provider as mentioned above. In either event you will have a new @address, such as @zimbracloud.com or @msn.com. Be sure to update other accounts where you’re still using that older WildBlue email address to identify yourself.

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