The cheapest Optimum Internet plan is the Optimum 300 or the Fiber Internet 300, each priced at $40 per month to start. After 12 months the bill will go up by $10 and potentially go again in the year after that.

You’re only going to qualify for the fiber plan if you live in an area where Optimum has a fiber network in place. But even if that’s not an option you can still get the Optimum 300 cable plan. It comes with enough bandwidth to share with several devices in your home, plus a free Wi-Fi extender to make sure the signal reaches all the screens in your home.

Always get fiber when you can get it because the symmetrical download and upload speeds mean you get 300 Mbps download and 300 Mbps upload with the fiber plan. This comes into play when you upload large files to the internet. For example, large video files or large data files.

Optimum has installation fees ranging form $99 - $149. The Optimum Wi-Fi router/modem rental is sometimes free with a promotion and otherwise costs $10 per month. There is a $3.00 Network Enhancement Fee. The Optimum Wi-Fi extender may be free during a promotion or cost $3.00 per month. There is no data cap or contract but again, those promotional prices do go up after the first year.

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