Get faster internet from Viasat

Viasat satellite internet offers download speeds that are up to three times faster than average DSL speed. In some areas, Viasat internet speed is available at up to 100 mbps. Download speed varies depending on multiple factors, including:

Do more with Viasat

With the significant shift toward temporary or long-term remote work from home as well as virtual classes, Viasat prioritized internet traffic for virtual school and remote work needs. Those kinds of usage did not have speed throttled even if a customer’s service plan data caps were met.

For many areas, a range of Viasat service plans are available, featuring tiers of download speed as well as high-speed data caps. Unlimited plans provide a set amount of priority data; after that cap has been met, further data use may be slowed. By offering multiple plans, Viasat satellite internet can provide high-speed internet access for a variety of budgets and price points, regardless of where you live.

Viasat Plans

Some Viasat service plans that may be available in your area include:

Each of these service plan examples includes a pre-set amount of priority high-speed data, as well as unlimited standard data after prioritized data thresholds have been met. Viasat customers also have the option of purchasing additional high-speed data if usage and demand are especially high in a particular month.

How to test your Viasat Speed

Because of the unique nature of satellite internet service, Viasat recommends that internet speed is tested using the website, since not all internet speed test sites are optimized to measure satellite internet speed. Customers are also encouraged to check internet speed while no one in the home is utilizing the internet, and during regular hours, not only peak (evening) hours.

With a variety of service plans available, Viasat is able to offer reliable high-speed internet access to rural and remote locations.

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