Viasat is a satellite communications company based in the United States that designs, manufactures, and delivers a range of secure, high-capacity communications equipment and services. Viasat provides equipment from residential consumer modems and satellite internet dishes to six-ton, ultra-high-capacity geostationary satellites.

For enterprise or government clients, Viasat produces equipment and devices that support secure satellite communications in-flight, on the ground, or in mobile use. In addition to development and manufacturing of physical components, hardware, and equipment, Viasat also provides secure signals systems, encryption, and networks.

Manufacturing ViaSat-3 Satellite Payloads

In the early days of the company, Viasat grew its engagement with satellite development and production when it built satellite modems and gateway station termination systems for WildBlue.

As Viasat readied to implement its ViaSat-3 satellite constellation, it built the first of three satellite payloads and integrated it with its Boeing-made module. The second of three satellite payloads has also been built and partially integrated with its Boeing module. When launched, all three ViaSat-3 communications satellites will form a constellation in geostationary orbit.

The ViaSat-3 satellite payload was assembled at the Arizona manufacturing facility. The Arizona location is dedicated to designing and manufacturing systems, cybersecurity, and communication and radar equipment. Viasat also has facilities in Georgia, India, California, Texas, and other locations.

Viasat Provides Terminals, Antennas, Mobile Satellite, and Encrypted Solutions

Viasat produces a range of equipment for enterprise and government use. Some of the satellite communications equipment designed and built by Viasat includes:

Security solutions manufactured by Viasat include SATCOM data controllers and terminals, as well as Eclypt® encrypted drives, secure ground operating equipment like cryptographic units, and embeddable cryptography modules.

Viasat Acquisitions: Development and Manufacturing

Viasat has gained some designs and products through strategic acquisitions. A few of these acquisitions include Viasat purchases of:

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