A solid blue light on your Viasat Gateway is a good thing. It just means that your connection is online. A blinking blue light means that the software is being upgraded.

Viasat Gateway indicator lights

A blue light isn’t the only light you may see on your Viasat Gateway. If there is no light at all, this means that your router is not receiving power. Check to see if it came unplugged. If the connection to the Viasat Gateway and the connection to the wall both look secure, call technical support because your Viasat Gateway or its power adapter may be damaged.

If you see a solid purple light, this indicates that the gateway is being setup. When setup is complete, you should see a solid blue light instead. A blinking purple light indicates the gateway is being setup and is in installation mode. When installation is completed, it should change to a solid blue light. If it does not after a reasonable amount of time, there is a reset button on the back that may be able to fix the problem.

If you see a solid red light, this means that the gateway is offline. Check to make sure your Viasat internet service is active, and your payments are up to date. If the red light is blinking, this means that a fault in the gateway has been detected. Try pressing the reset button on the router. If it is still flashing after it turns back on, contact technical support for a replacement gateway.

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