Viasat satellites are in geostationary orbit 22,000 miles above the earth in the American southern sky. Viasat dishes will point in that direction to connect with the satellites.

Viasat customers typically connect with Viasat’s two main satellites, Viasat-1 and Viasat-2. Viasat-1 provides 140 Gb/s of throughput and is located at 115.1 degrees west longitude. Viasat-2, which was launched in 2017 along with Viasat’s newest Unlimited line, provides an additional 260 Gb/s of throughput and is located at 69.9 degrees west longitude. Depending on which satellite provides service for your internet plan, your dish may be pointing in a slightly different direction.

Because pointing the dish in the right direction is so important for creating and maintaining a strong internet connection, all Viasat satellite dishes will be installed by a professional. After signing up, the professional Viasat technician will arrive at a scheduled time within 3 to 5 days. You can schedule this installation for a time that is convenient for you. The technician will then mount the satellite dish, point it at the satellite in space, and sync them to get the strongest connection possible. You won’t have to climb onto your roof yourself or follow a complicated installation guide. Just sit back and let the professional take care of it.

As long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, Viasat satellite internet can reach you. You can call today to discuss the options available in your area.

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