USA Network channel typically falls within the low 20s on Cox Cable depending on the market. For instance, in Macon, GA, it's on Channel 27, in Costa Mesa, CA, it's on Channel 22, and in Fayetteville, AR, it's on Channel 23. If you are connected via a Cox Mini-box and your TV is HD-compatible you’ll automatically see the HD version. If you are connected by anything other than the mini-box, add 1000 to the regular channel number to watch USA Network HD. For example, tune to 1027 in Macon, GA. You can refer to the Cox website for your specific channel lineup or navigate through your on-screen guide. USA Network HD is part of all three Cox packages: Contour TV Starter with 75 channels, Contour TV Preferred with 140+ channels, and Contour TV Ultimate with 250+ channels.

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