TNT can be found on channel 138 and on channel 245 on Dish Network. Definitely check your app to confirm the channel where you can find TNT per your Dish package.

TNT is known for drama, both drama it creates and reruns of dramatic series from other channels. Shows like Animal Kingdom, Snowpiercer, Supernatural, Justice League, Cold Case and Charmed are found on TNT, as is sports programming, including NBA games.

Turner Network Television (TNT) is a cable and satellite network owned by Turner Broadcasting, which itself is owned by Time Warner. It offers original dramas, reality TV series, reruns of TV shows that may have originally aired on a different network. TNT is available in all Dish Network packages, including America’s Top 120 starting at $80 per month; America’s Top 20+ starting at $95 per month; America’s Top 200 starting at $100 per month; and, America’s Top 250 starting at $110 per month.

TNT has a sister channel, TBS, which offers classic films and TV shows with commercial interruptions. TCM, Turner Classic Movies, offers truly classic films with limited commentary and more importantly film viewing uninterrupted by commercials. It’s a fan favorite for that reason.

You can watch TNT on Sling TV streaming platform without having cable. If you choose the Sling Blue package you can stream on up to three devices vs. Sling Orange, which only lets you stream on one device. The average household has more than a dozen devices and that number is growing. You can also watch on other streaming platforms like FuboTV, Hulu+ With Live TV, or YouTubeTV, to name a few.

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