What Channel Is Newsmax on DirecTV (2023 Update)

This year, Newsmax is available on two channels on DirecTV: 347 and 349. However, in the upcoming year, it will only be broadcast on channel 347. A dispute arose in January 2023 when the agreement between the two partners expired, leading to a temporary blackout of Newsmax on DirecTV. It's becoming more common for TV networks to charge higher fees to streaming and cable companies for the rights to carry their channels. Fortunately, an agreement was reached, and now Newsmax and Newsmax2 are accessible on DirecTV. Newsmax will continue to be available on DirecTV in 2024, specifically on channel 347.

Aside from its partnerships with streaming services and cable companies, Newsmax TV used to offer a free live feed that anyone could access on a computer or smart device. However, this live feed is no longer complimentary. To access it now, you'll need to subscribe to the new Newsmax+ paid app. This is unless your TV provider already includes the live feed channel, as DirecTV and some others do. Newsmax+ provides an array of expanded content. It offers a free trial period, after which the subscription costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year if paid in advance. While there is still a free Newsmax feed available, it does not include the live main feed.

TV channels producing original content are increasingly raising the fees they charge streaming partners to carry their content. Factors such as higher production costs, financial market demands, and advancements in app technology are driving these trends. Streaming partners are reluctant to pass these increased costs on to consumers, who are already facing higher expenses for almost everything. For viewers who enjoy watching their favorite news, shows, sports and movies, and are already paying for cable or streaming services, the added cost of specific subscription apps presents a moment-of-truth decision. They must consider whether they want to incur another monthly charge on their card or account.

Technology is disrupting the traditional media model but so is the business climate. Content producers and broadcast mediums express their desire to be accessible to viewers on all devices, offering a wide selection of viewing options. However, this expansion brings additional complexity and costs.

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