With satellite internet, you can have high-speed internet in your home or office no matter where you live, but not all internet service providers and internet plans are created equal. When you are choosing your ISP, your satisfaction will be determined by how successfully you answer the question: What are the best satellite internet providers?

Are you shopping satellite internet plans to figure out which of the internet service providers offers the best internet packages for your home?” Some providers offer unlimited data while others have appealing bundling options. It can be difficult to answer the question, “What are the best satellite internet providers? We’ll compare two of the best satellite internet providers of 2019, Viasat satellite internet and HughesNet satellite internet, to help make your decision easier.

What Are the Best Satellite Internet Providers for Affordability?

When comparing satellite internet providers, one of the deciding factors is often who offers the best price. We’ll compare Viasat and HughesNet on prices to determine what are the best satellite internet providers for affordability. Both providers offer built-in Wi-Fi, require professional installation, and have building options.

Comparing Satellite Internet Providers Viasat Internet and HughesNet Internet

Viasat Internet: Top Features

There are two different Viasat internet plans, the Liberty and the Unlimited. The Liberty plans all have up to 12 Mbps download speeds and are priced by different data thresholds. The starting Liberty plan is $50/month for 12 GB of priority data, and the biggest data plan is 50 GB of priority data for $100/month. The Liberty plans also include a bonus zone of free data from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. each day. The Unlimited Plans all offer unlimited data and are priced by their download speeds. The lightest Unlimited plan is up to 25 Mbps download speeds for $50/month while the heaviest is up to 100 Mbps for $150/month.

HughesNet Internet: Top Features

HughesNet internet plans offer 25 Mbps download speeds and are priced by data allowance per month. Plans start with 10 GB of data for $59.99 per month and go up to 50 GB of data for $149.99/month. If you go over your data allowance per month, there are no hard data limits or overage charges. Your speeds are reduced to about 1-3 Mbps until the next billing period. Similar to Viasat’s Liberty plans, customers are given an extra 50 GB of data per month to use during a larger bonus data window during off-peak hours from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.

What Are the Best Satellite Internet Providers for Download Speeds?

Viasat’s Unlimited plans offer the fastest download and upload speeds for satellite internet. The Viasat Unlimited plans are powered by the ViaSat-2 satellite, and while available nationally, may not be available in your specific area. The Liberty Plans serve those in areas without access to the ViaSat-2. The HughesNet plans offer faster speeds than the Viasat Liberty plans. When examining what are the best satellite internet providers for download speeds, it’s important to understand your lifestyle and internet habits to see what speeds you need and how much data you use.

What Are the Best Satellite Internet Providers for Internet Speeds?

Viasat satellite internet plans with top features like 100 Mbps download speeds and unlimited data are great but not necessary for every internet user. You may be initially looking for satellite internet with the fastest service, but once you examine your internet habits, speed may not be the most important factor. The internet speed your home needs depends on how many devices will be using the internet and what you’ll primarily be doing. If you have a full household with multiple devices streaming videos and playing games, then you’ll need more data than a home with two devices mainly used for checking email and social media. A light-internet-using household may be fine with HughesNet satellite internet plans starting with only 10 GB of data.

What Are the Best Satellite Internet Providers for Data?

Data consumption is based on how often you use the internet and what you are doing. Checking your social media pages is going to take up a lot less data than streaming videos. If you have 10 Gb of data, for example, you can stream HD videos for about five hours or be on social media for about 30 hours. When you take inventory of what you need to do through your internet connection, you will have your personal answer to the question, “What are the best satellite internet providers?”

Where Can I Get Satellite Internet and What Are the Best Satellite Internet Providers?

If you live in an area where DSL, fiber, and cable internet aren’t available, then satellite internet is your best high-speed internet option. Satellite internet provides rural internet all over the U.S. to those living outside of the city.

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