Viasat-3 Launch Date

Viasat will be launching a trio of state-of-the-art satellites in 2022. The first Viasat-3 satellite will reach its home in space the first quarter of 2022 and will already, even by itself, be able to significantly improve Viasat satellite services. When the other two Viasat-3 satellites are launched and ready for service later that year, Viasat’s first class, high-speed internet service will be available around the world.

How Will Viasat-3 Improve Satellite Internet Service?

Viasat’s newest satellites employ the latest technology to bring the fastest satellite internet to locations all around the world. With each satellite capable of over 1 TB of network capacity, Viasat internet will be able to reach not just the remotest locations in the United States, but also some of the remotest locations all around the globe. Viasat services will now be available in all 7 continents. Yes, even parts of Antarctica! Many of these locations will be receiving internet service for the first time ever!

And if you thought the continents were the only places benefitting from this new launch, don’t forget about the oceans! Viasat-3 will extend Viasat’s reach to connect ships and aircrafts across the world to Viasat’s high-speed internet. After the trio of Viasat-3 satellites is launched, thousands of commercial, military, and government crafts will be connected to Viasat satellite internet. Passengers on these ships and aircrafts will be able to enjoy the high-speed internet service for entertainment, browsing, and connecting with friends and family back home. Meanwhile, the crew will be able to utilize the fast connection and reliable service offered by Viasat for navigation and communication. Leaders of many global militaries, including those of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand already have plans to use Viasat’s new satellites for cloud-based applications and artificial intelligence.

How Will Viasat-3 Improve Services in the United States?

The United States has been no stranger to the high-speed services of Viasat internet, but Viasat-3 will bring a new level of service and power not yet experienced in satellite internet. Rural businesses will now have access to state-of-the-art satellite internet technology that can reach blazing 1 Gbps download speeds. That’s comparable to the speeds offered by some fiber optic internet services. The improvement in internet service from Viasat-3 will enable businesses across the United states to utilize cloud computing and networked data systems, while also using the latest security technologies to keep these businesses secure.

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