Viasat is now offering a new service that adds low-latency and higher speed to its already popular satellite internet plans.  That new service is Viasat Flex.  It combines the speed and availability of Viasat satellite internet with the low-latency and reliability of DSL to create a new combined service that makes online gaming, live video chat, and multi-device streaming possible for the first time with Viasat.  Viasat Flex is the perfect solution for rural customers looking to upgrade their internet performance!

How does Viasat Flex Work?

Viasat Flex’s hybrid service provides both forms of internet connection, satellite and DSL, to your home simultaneously.  One modem will be set up for satellite internet and one for DSL.  Your devices will be able to switch back and forth between the two in real time, and even use both simultaneously, depending on your devices’ needs moment to moment.  With all this happening in the background, your experience on the internet will be faster and smoother than ever before.

Your Viasat unlimited data plan will determine the max download speeds of Viasat Flex, but at times that Viasat satellite might be slower due to network traffic, the DSL portion of the connection will maintain internet speeds at least as high as what the DSL connection provides. Viasat Flex is revolutionizing the rural internet experience!

Viasat Flex Installation

Viasat Flex can be signed up for by choosing a Viasat unlimited-data internet plan and adding the Viasat Flex option to it.  *During its initial launch period, adding Viasat Flex to your unlimited plan comes at no additional cost, including free installation.

When you choose the Viasat Flex service, there will be two separate installation dates for your devices, one for the satellite dish and modem and later one for the DSL equipment.  Once you choose this plan, it will take around 7-14 business days for the DSL service to be installed in your home.

Viasat Flex is not available in all locations but only in some Viasat-2 service areas.

How Does Viasat Flex Work with TV and Phone Bundles?

DIRECTV and Viasat Voice can both be bundled with your Viasat internet service, even with Viasat Flex.  Viasat Flex adds to the functionality of your normal Viasat internet service, allowing your internet and all services bundled with it to take advantage of its increased performance and reliability.


*During its initial launch period, adding Viasat Flex will not incur any extra charge.  However, this is subject to change in the future.  Before any such Viasat Flex charge would appear on any of your bills, you would be notified in advance and given an opportunity to discontinue your Viasat Flex service.


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