GotW3 is a 4G LTE internet provider. This gives it a lot of similarities with satellite internet, but also a few differences.

The biggest similarity is its reach. Mobile internet has quite a large coverage in the United States. Not quite as big as Viasat satellite internet, but still quite large. Mobile and satellite internet technologies make it affordable for companies to reach areas that don’t have a large population density. This is not so with wire-based internet providers.

This coverage is what leads to 4G’s second similarity with satellite internet: it is a common choice for those in rural areas. When it comes to smartphones, people in cities and the countryside are all using mobile internet services such as the 4G LTE offered by GotW3, but for home internet, people living in urban areas are much more likely to use cable or fiber internet services, not mobile or satellite.

The differences are what’s important, though. If you’re debating between Viasat and GotW3, this is the information you need. Let’s start with speed. GotW3 speeds are going to highly depend on your distance from the tower. They report up to 45 Mbps if you’re right under the tower, all the way down to 1 Mbps if you’re far away (yikes!). Viasat will give you much steadier speeds. What plans are available to you will depend on your location, but you can get up to 100 Mbps on some plans.

Data is another difference. GotW3 has some higher-tiered plans that match Viasat’s data allowances (which go up to 300 GB per month). They even have one that combines multiple plans for up to 150 GB (but be prepared to fork out extra cash for equipment and monthly costs). The big difference is that with GotW3, you’ll get throttled before you use up your data, and then get cut off completely when your data runs out. With Viasat, you get unlimited data, but at slower speeds after your data runs out.

At first glance, Viasat is the clear winner between the two. However, to decide for sure, you will need to check what Viasat and GotW3 plans are available where you live. This will be the final determining factor that will help you make your decision.

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