If you’re wondering what kind of internet service to get, you may be looking at a comparison of Viasat vs. DSL internet. Satellite internet and DSL service are two of the most common and popular options for residential internet. To ensure you get the kind of internet you need, you may want to consider the pros and cons of both. Making a simple chart with two columns labeled “Viasat” and “DSL” makes it easy to compare features as you explore Viasat vs. DSL internet.

Consider Coverage First in Your Comparison of Viasat vs. DSL Internet

One of the most important aspects of choosing between Viasat vs. DSL internet service is determining which option has the best coverage. In this comparison, you’ll find Viasat satellite internet service is the clear winner. Satellite goes where DSL internet service cannot go. In rural areas, satellite is often the only option you have. You either end up with dial-up or nothing unless you choose satellite for your rural internet. If you want high-speed internet in your rural location, and your options are Viasat vs. DSL internet, your choice may boil down to one reality—Viasat reaches more places and delivers high-speed internet.

Speeds for Internet Service: Viasat vs. DSL Internet

The next thing most people ask is “How fast is DSL internet or satellite internet service?” An analysis of Viasat vs. DSL internet shows these two types of service are actually very similar in speed. Both can provide download speeds of 10 or 15 Mbps, which is comparable to cable.

If you’re looking for internet for gaming, you want a service that provides fast speeds no matter where you are. You should look carefully at Viasat vs. DSL internet. For those who live far from a major city, satellite is probably going to provide the best high-speed rural internet for you. FiOS offers the fastest internet speeds on the market, but you’re limited on where you can access this type of internet service. Unlike Viasat, which can be found all over the U.S. in more remote areas, FiOS requires infrastructure dependent on population density to be financially viable. Location plays a big role in DSL internet, as well. The closer you are to the DSL hub, the faster the speed. Both Viasat satellite internet and DSL internet have a degree of latency that may put shooter games and other fast-action virtual reality games out of reach.

Other Features to Consider as You Explore Viasat vs. DSL Internet

When looking at internet service options, particularly Viasat vs. DSL internet, you have other factors to consider. If you’re looking at unlimited internet service, DSL providers often provide the best option over satellite internet. However, Viasat offers plans in certain areas with unlimited priority internet. In other locations, you can still get online even if you reach your data cap, just at a slower speed.

You can use either type of internet service to connect your portable devices with Wi-Fi, so give both Viasat and DSL a check in your Viasat vs. DSL internet comparison table. Satellite internet often comes with free installation to help you get set up and learn how to use your new technology.

When it comes to affordability, as you look at Viasat vs. DSL internet, you’ll find that either DSL or Viasat offers multiple plans to fit all kinds of budgets. You can save even more with Viasat by bundling internet with phone or TV plans.

Satellite once had the reputation of not being a good choice for reliable internet. However, today’s technology has improved reliability, so you can be online all the time. As you compare your options for an internet service provider and look at Viasat vs. DSL internet, consider what features matter most to you and see how satellite or DSL can meet your needs.

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