If you’re looking to get fast internet where you live, you may be comparing your options. When it comes to Viasat vs. CenturyLink, you’ll want to think about the location where you live, the speed and the cost of the service. That’s important when you want to avoid frequent internet problems and get affordable internet for your home.

Viasat Internet vs. CenturyLink: Location and Speed

Viasat (formerly Exede) internet service is found in more places throughout the country. Even where CenturyLink internet can be found, it might not be as fast in remote locations as if you lived in town. For rural internet, Viasat internet is usually the winner since distance from the hub isn’t an issue.

Viasat satellite internet relies on a clear southern sky for the dish to connect with the satellite in space. Distance isn’t important, and you will find it is indeed high-speed internet. CenturyLink internet service relies on broadband or DSL connection, so the further you are from the main hub, the slower the speed. As you are looking at Viasat vs. CenturyLink, you can do a speed test to see how fast internet service is. It will show you that in many cases Viasat satellite internet will be faster than CenturyLink internet.

Speed is important if you want to stream movies or download music or other large files. You must consider Viasat vs. CenturyLink internet speeds to ensure you can do what you want online.

Viasat vs. CenturyLink: Reliability

You may have heard that satellite internet isn’t as dependable as DSL, but with today’s advanced technology, that is a myth. Today, you will rarely see Viasat internet down and when it happens, you’ll be back up and running in no time. When comparing Viasat vs. CenturyLink reliability, you won’t find much difference in the number of instances of CenturyLink internet down vs. Viasat internet down.

Viasat vs. CenturyLink: Plans and Pricing

Explore a variety of Viasat vs. CenturyLink internet plans. You can find great Viasat internet deals when you bundle satellite internet with phone. It’s convenient, too—two services on one bill. As you shop, be sure to find out which plans offer unlimited data. You can have similar results when you look for CenturyLink internet deals. Combine DSL internet with home phone service to save money. With multiple packages, you can choose an internet package that is best suited for you.

Viasat internet prices are based on how much time you spend online and how much data you need. You never have to worry about not being able to get online. Even if you exceed the data threshold for your data plan, you will still get online at a slower speed. You can talk to CenturyLink internet customer service to find out about the CenturyLink internet options for your area. When you look at Viasat vs. CenturyLink, you will see that the options for bundling services make being online more affordable than ever!

Viasat vs. CenturyLink: Customer Service and Technical Support

In comparing Viasat vs. CenturyLink, you will notice support from both providers. When you need more assistance to help you choose a plan, Viasat customer service is always available to answer questions. The same can be said of CenturyLink. If you have problems with your internet service, CenturyLink internet tech support will work to help you figure it out. Viasat internet support is also there to help you get back online. In considering Viasat vs. CenturyLink internet service, it’s important to consider support and affordability.

See what others have to say about Viasat vs. CenturyLink support and customer service. Read online Viasat internet reviews and CenturyLink internet reviews to see what satisfied customers have to say. Find out if anyone has had any internet service issues and look for patterns. Once you have all the information on Viasat vs. CenturyLink, you can make the best decision on which provider is right for you.

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