Viasat Voice gives you unlimited calls in the United States, and comes with some great features, including voicemail. Your Viasat voicemail will be activated automatically with your Viasat Voice account but will need to be set up at your Viasat Customer Management Portal online. You can access your voicemail via your Viasat account, via your phone, or via emails sent to your cell phone.

You can manage your Viasat Voice account, including voicemail settings, at the Viasat Customer Features Management Portal. Some of the features you have control over include voicemail options, call screening, and call forwarding.

How Do I Access Viasat Voicemail on My Home Phone?

You can access Viasat Voicemail by simply dialing *36 and entering your 4-digit PIN number. At the activation of your Viasat Voice account, your PIN number will be 1234, but you can change this so that others can’t easily access your voicemail.

Other star codes are available to help you manage your voicemail. Here are some of the most useful Viasat Voice codes:
*30 Enable Call Forwarding
*36 Access Voicemail
*57 Enable Call Waiting
*58 Disable Call Waiting
*69 Call the Last Number that Called You

How Do I Access Viasat Voicemail on My Smart Phone?

The easiest way to get your voicemail is to make them come straight to you. By logging into your Viasat account you can manage your voicemail features and opt for your voicemails to be forwarded straight into your email. The email you used to sign up for Viasat will be the default email address for your voicemail, but you can change this preference in your Viasat account settings.

You can also access your Viasat voicemail in your voicemail box. Using a smartphone you can access Visual Voicemail to check your voicemail box.

If you don’t want to miss any calls coming into your home phone, you can have all calls automatically forwarded to your cell phone or other telephone line. If you want to block certain callers or forward those calls directly to voicemail, you can configure this in your Viasat Customer Features Management Portal as well.

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