What Is Viasat Voice?

Viasat Voice is a VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol) that can be bundled with your Viasat internet. Viasat Voice uses the same modern satellite technology as your satellite internet, giving you clear reliable phone calls. With Viasat Voice, you get unlimited local and long-distance calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii.

How Does Viasat Voice Work?

After you sign up for Viasat Voice, all you have to do is plug your phone into your Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway and you are ready to go. Viasat Voice works just like a regular phone service, it just goes through your Viasat equipment.
Even though Viasat Voice and Viasat internet are sharing the same equipment, they won’t get in each other’s way. Because they use different data channels, talking on the phone won’t interrupt your internet connection and using the internet won’t disrupt your phone calls. Other VoIP services might use up your internet data, but not with Viasat Voice. Make as many phone calls as you want without worrying about extra charges or slowing down your internet.
With Viasat Voice, you can connect multiple cellphones to the same phone number. This allows you to forward calls and voicemails so that they arrive at one or more of your smartphones.
Viasat Voice gives you the functionality you need to manage your phone calls, whether that means blocking calls at certain times or sending calls straight to voicemail. You can also enable the voicemail-to-email option to have your voicemails sent to your email address.

Viasat Voice Home phone services include:

Viasat internet customers have the option of adding home phone service functionality to their Viasat package. This phone service is called Viasat Voice, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Viasat Voice uses your existing Viasat installation to connect to a home phone and make clear, reliable phone calls. Viasat Voice, though cheaper than a typical home phone service, comes with a number of extra features, including caller ID, call waiting, unlimited local and long-distance calls (within the US and Canada), and the option to keep your old phone number if desired. By logging into the Viasat Voice Portal, you can manage many aspects of your Viasat Voice account, including voicemail settings, call forwarding and screening, and account information, just to name a few. Setting up your Viasat Voice account is simple. Just call a Viasat customer representative today to begin your service and Viasat will send you a voice adapter needed for the service. Then all you need to do is plug your phone into your Viasat modem and you’re ready to make calls! This deal is even better if you choose to bundle your TV in as well. That means you can get your internet, phone, and TV all from one source. Call Viasat customer service today to sign up for Viasat Voice.

For More Information About Viasat Voice

If you are interested in adding Viasat Voice to your Viasat internet service, or for more information, please call Viasat customer service today.

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