What is the Upload Speed for Viasat?

Download speed is the rate at which your device can receive information over the internet. That means streaming, loading webpages, and downloading files. Upload speed is the rate at which your device can send information over the internet. That’s sending video over video chat, sending emails, and uploading files.

As do most internet providers, Viasat prioritizes download speeds over upload speeds. This makes sense due to the fact that internet users are receiving a whole lot more data than they are sending. On the sending end, it’s often just a request for a website. Then on the receiving end, it’s an entire freakin’ website. So download speeds are going to be quite a bit higher than upload speeds.

Viasat residential plans all come with 3 Mbps upload speeds. If you are a Viasat Business user, you can expect 4 Mbps. This is a normal amount for satellite internet. Because of satellite internet’s bandwidth limitations, satellite internet providers reserve most of the bandwidth for downloading. However, 3 or 4 Mbps is plenty for you to have a smooth online experience with most online activities.

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