Viasat 2 Unlimited Data for Faster Speeds and More Data

If you want a fast internet service with fewer limitations on your data plan, Viasat 2 unlimited data may be right for you. Viasat 2 satellite provides more bandwidth so you can do more online. Whether you work from home, study and take online classes or just like to play games with your friends, you want an internet service that doesn’t slow you down.

Keep Up with the Changes

As the need for more internet service grows, so does Viasat internet. Introduced in 2012, Viasat 1 provided the highest-capacity satellite from anywhere in the world. Now, Viasat 2 is taking things a step further to provide wide coverage so everyone can have access while still ensuring high-capacity bandwidth to be sure you aren’t slowed down.

Viasat 2 will double the bandwidth of Viasat 1 with up to seven times more coverage to get more people online all the time. This means users with VS-2 will have more access with fewer delays. Everyone can do everything they enjoy online:

Even if you’re an occasional internet user, you will appreciate the speed and reliability of satellite internet. If you are online all the time, unlimited data plans are almost essential.

Affordable and Fast

Get the best of both worlds with Viasat 2. You can enjoy unlimited data and speeds up to 30 Mbps, which is faster than most cable and DSL. At the same time, you can choose a plan that fits your budget. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about rates changing all the time. Viasat offers a price lock guarantee for three years. You also get free standard installation and bundled services to help save even more money. Plus, with EasyCare, you don’t have to pay for service calls.

You don’t have to let living in a rural area or a remote location keep you from enjoying easy access to the internet. With Viasat, you can have reliable service wherever you choose to live or work. Contact Viasat today to find out more about plans available in your area.

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