Enjoy the benefits of Viasat internet from dozens of regions around Tennessee. Everyone deserves to keep up to speed with reliable internet service. Now more than ever, you can stay connected through the benefits of satellite internet with Viasat. Whether you live in the city or the country, Viasat internet makes a high-speed connection available to Tennesseans from Memphis to Pigeon Forge.

Find the Viasat plan that’s right for you

Viasat brings reliable internet service to rural areas by using satellite technology. Private residence customers can choose from several plans at different price points to accommodate your budget and particular data usage needs. Don’t worry about going over your data plan – there’s no possibility of racking up an unexpected bill. If you start to go over your data limit, download speed will simply slow. If you find your household internet usage requires more data every month, you can upgrade your plan or purchase additional data as needed. And don’t worry about speed. Viasat internet doesn’t drop below 12 Mbps download speed for almost anywhere in the continental United States (Mbps stands for megabits per second). In some areas, download speeds are as high as 30-100 Mbps.

For small business owners, Viasat offers unlimited broadband business plans for some rural Tennessee regions. If you need reliable internet during business hours, Viasat satellite internet technology can connect your small business to potential customers.

Call today to have your Viasat satellite internet professionally installed

Setting up Viasat internet for your Tennessee home is simple and straightforward. Contact a helpful Viasat customer care specialist to schedule a time for a certified Viasat satellite internet technician to come to your home. A certified technician will install a small mini-dish, arranged for optimal satellite performance. During the same visit, the technician will install an indoor modem and then ensure the connection is up and running smoothly. Then your household can begin enjoying the benefits of Viasat internet – from following the latest football news to finding new recipes, working remotely or completing a degree online.

Viasat brings even more great services to Tennessee

Viasat customers even have the option of adding other services. If you prefer having a “landline”-style phone around the house, ask today about bundling a discounted phone package into your contract. Purchasing DirecTV through Viasat is also an option for Tennessee Viasat internet customers. With Viasat, there are multiple ways to stay connected with the people in your life.

Call today to learn more about how you can access the benefits of reliable, round the clock high-speed internet wherever you call home.

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