If you want extra, guaranteed service with your Viasat plan, consider EasyCare.

EasyCare FAQ's

What do I get with Viasat EasyCare?

The first thing you get with EasyCare is free in-person service calls. Normally $95, with EasyCare you can get a free visit from a trained technician whenever your Viasat equipment requires servicing. Just call, explain your issue, and Viasat will help you find a time that is convenient for you. You also get a satellite dish relocation once per year for $95. This service normally costs $200 and is sometimes necessary due to trees growing in the way or changes to the surface the dish is mounted on. On top of this you also get access to Viasat’s dedicated EasyCare support line for guaranteed customer service when you need it!

How much does EasyCare cost?

Easy care is $8.99 per month. This is well worth the money and worry it saves in the long run.

What technician services does EasyCare cover?

EasyCare provides free technician services for any matters that require a technician. This includes:

If you want help from a technician for an issue that does not require it, it will cost $95, even if enrolled in EasyCare. Additionally, there may be charges if equipment needs to be replaced or if you want the technician to help with non-required services.

What if I add EasyCare during my first 90 days of Viasat service?

If you sign up for EasyCare at the beginning of your Viasat service, you will not be charged yet. Viasat EasyCare is free for the first 90 days after you sign up for Viasat internet.

Will I receive a partial (prorated) charge if I sign up for EasyCare in the middle of a billing cycle?

There will be a partial charge for the partial month of EasyCare service in your first billing cycle, but there will be no partial charge in the month that EasyCare is removed.

Can I add EasyCare whenever I want?

Yes, you can add EasyCare to your Viasat services any time you want, even right before requesting a service call from a technician. However, if you move or for whatever reason desire to disconnect and/or reconnect your Viasat installation, this will not be covered by EasyCare.

Can I cancel EasyCare whenever I want?

Yes. You may sign up for EasyCare for as short a time as you would like. However, upon cancellation, you will not be able to resubscribe for a minimum of 180 days. Also, if you cancel EasyCare within 90 days of subscribing, you may be accountable for some service charges otherwise covered by EasyCare.

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