Viasat 3 is set to dramatically expand the Viasat network’s coverage area. Viasat is expected to launch 3 new next generation satellites into orbit starting with the first launch in 2022.

Current Viasat network coverage

Viasat is currently able to offer internet services almost everywhere in the United States, Australia and Europe, some parts of South America, and in China. The network utilizes Viasat owned and operated satellites as well as partner satellites from other companies.

How will coverage change with Viasat 3?

When Viasat 3 comes online, almost everywhere in the world is set to be covered, with the potential to offer service all over the globe. The 3 satellites will be positioned with small areas of overlapping reach so that network coverage will be continuous all around the world. The only areas that appear to be outside the planned coverage area are in or close to the polar regions. Viasat 3 satellites can move their coverage areas though, so they might be able to reach those areas as well.

What else will change with Viasat 3?

In addition to dramatically increasing the network coverage area, Viasat 3 will also improve the network’s total capacity. The total capacity of Viasat’s satellites that are currently in orbit is about 500GB per second. Each of the new satellites launching with Viasat 3 has a capacity of 1TB per second, bringing the new total network capacity to a whopping 3.5TB per second! That is 7 times the current network capacity and is sure to offer Viasat many opportunities to improve the quality and quantity of services offered to its customers.

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