SpaceX’s newest addition to the world of satellite internet has made so many rural internet customers begin to salivate that the waiting list is longer than the distance to Starlink’s satellites.

With faster speeds and (much) lower latency than previous satellite internet providers, Starlink is gaining more notoriety than companies that have been in the business for over a decade. And they’re not even out of beta yet.

With so much publicity and so little coverage so far, the waiting list has been increasing. There are currently two limitations to Starlink coverage. One is that with so few satellites launched so far (well, 1,700 isn’t “so few”, but it is compared to the 42,000 projected) - with so few launched so far, Starlink is offering service to limited latitudes. Those outside of those latitudes will have to wait for coverage to expand.

The second limitation is that the network can currently only handle so many customers per area. Many trying to sign up are getting a message that says that the service capacity for their area has been reached, but will be increased in the future. Many will have to wait until next year, and some are rumored to be waiting until 2023.

But with a deposit that is fully-refundable, joining the waiting list has very few cons. If you are interested in getting the best satellite internet out there, or think you might be in the future, check out the Starlink website where you can see when service will be available in your area. While there, go ahead and join the waiting list. You might not get service for a while, but Starlink is worth the wait.

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