After launching limited beta service in 2020, Starlink satellite internet gradually increased service availability in new and existing regions. Prospective customers can expect an up-front installation fee, equipment purchase, and recurring monthly subscription cost. Though the Space-X Starlink division continually scales up coverage, waitlist customers experienced delays in regional availability and dish production and delivery.

Starlink Residential Internet Service Costs

Starlink coverage is growing, though many areas still have regional waitlists. Joining a waiting list requires a refundable deposit that is applied toward the installation fee when service becomes available. Starlink service includes costs like:

Starlink service does not require a contract. Installation is guided self-installation with the assistance of a smartphone app, so there is no installation cost. Because equipment is purchased, there is no monthly equipment lease fee. There are not multiple residential plans; there is one standard monthly plan at a set fee. Currently, the standard plan includes unlimited data.

Starlink Premium Internet Service Costs

In winter 2022, Starlink announced plans to launch a new service tier for business or high-use customers. Starlink Premium is designed with small business use in mind. It includes a larger and more rugged satellite dish for extreme weather conditions. Though standard Starlink service is limited to one service address location, Starlink stated that with Premium service, business subscribers can order multiple dishes and manage multiple service locations from one account. Potential Starlink Premium customers can expect costs like:

There is no service contract or monthly equipment lease fee for Starlink Premium customers. Initially, it seemed Premium subscribers would be required to use a technician for installation. However, the Starlink Premium website provides information on whatís included in the installation kit and where to download the Starlink installation app. Priority customer service is also part of Starlink Premium.

Starlink Service Availability

By spring 2022, Starlink estimated serving more than 145,000 satellite internet subscribers in over 20 countries. However, supply chain and delivery challenges and a geomagnetic storm created delays for those still on waitlists. Estimated service dates were pushed back to late 2022 or 2023 in some cases. Some regions with current Starlink coverage remain at capacity until service is scaled up further in those areas. Regional service availability or estimated delivery date updates can be checked at the Starlink website.

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