Starlink Availability in Texas

Rural internet users all over the United States - and the world - have been drooling over SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet for a few years now. With its plans of launching thousands of satellites into low-earth orbit, Starlink will likely become the world's biggest - and perhaps best - provider of satellite internet.

Satellite internet has long been known as slow, unreliable, and coming with way too much latency. But with so many technologically advanced satellites, Starlink is consistently providing download speeds of over 100 Mbps, and the latency is miles ahead of its competitors.

Traditional satellite internet is beaming down from 22,000 miles above the earth, which creates really hefty delays in the signals, usually with ping rates of over 600 ms. But with Starlink satellites only 300+ miles above the earth, ping rates are being measured in the 10s of milliseconds!

That’s why people all over Texas have been waiting eagerly for Starlink. Starlink has recently arrived in the Lone Star state, though it isn’t available everywhere yet, and some of the places it is available have already reached capacity. For example, if you live in the Dallas area, Starlink is available, but already has max capacity customers. If you live in the Houston area, Starlink should be arriving soon.

If you are in Texas and want Starlink satellite internet, head over to the Starlink website and sign up today. The earlier you get on the waiting list, the earlier you’ll be able to start enjoying the state-of-the-art Starlink service.

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