Starlink Availability Schedule

If you’ve been waiting for Starlink to reach your area, then you know how fast they’ve been expanding. In early 2021, they reached the 1,000 satellite mark and are all the way over 1,700 now. While only spotty coverage was available in 3 countries at the end of 2020, in October 2021, coverage has increased in those countries and has also made its way into 15 more!

Starlink has applied to launch 12,000 satellites with the United States FCC, and has applied to launch 42,000 globally. This means coverage is currently only a fraction of what’s in store. Pretty much every location on earth will be able to get Starlink, and hopefully in the near future.

Starlink planned all along to provide global coverage by August 2021. This is already somewhat fulfilled, as satellites are all around the earth providing coverage to multiple continents, but most countries have no access to the service yet. Starlink has grown incredibly during this time, and is still on track to providing increased global coverage in the future, but with only 18 countries currently with service, there is still a lot of work to do.

It’s hard to predict exactly when services will be available in some areas, because the barriers are not always technological, but often political. Having satellites beam internet signals to the citizens of a country requires permission from the government of that country. Starlink is currently waiting on many such applications.

To get more information about when Starlink will be available to you, visit the Starlink website and input your address. Starlink may already be available to you, there may be a date for when it will be made available, or there may be no projected date yet. No matter the case, the growth of SpaceX’s Starlink means it will most likely be available to you eventually.

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