If you've signed up for satellite internet or are considering signing up, you may have questions about satellite internet installation. You want to be able to access the internet as soon as possible, especially if you rely on the internet for work or for study. Installation is an important component of getting satellite internet, but one that is often overlooked.

How Long Does Internet Installation Take?

Once you sign up for satellite internet, you are put on a schedule for installation. A certified satellite installation technician will come to your location to install a satellite dish or antenna and connect it to your modem with cables. You can usually schedule the installation appointment within a couple of days around your schedule. The actual installation will take only a couple of hours. The technician will make sure everything is working, so you're online by the time they finish.

What Satellite Installation Supplies Do You Need?

Satellite internet doesn't require big bulky equipment. Now, all that is needed to get online is the satellite antenna which communicates with the satellite in outer space and at the main office. You'll also need a modem and cables. If you want to connect wirelessly to your internet, you'll need a router. To get access to the internet, you need a clear view of the southern sky.

Once your equipment is installed, it's worry-free. You will need to keep any tree limbs trimmed to prevent interference. In areas with snow and ice, you may need to clean off the antenna on occasion. However, most of the time, satellite internet will work uninterrupted.

If you want the speed and reliability of satellite internet, call today to get a professional installation scheduled.

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