Rise Broadband Internet Outage in Your Area

If you have not done so already, download the app on your phone or tablet. This is the first place to check for a Known Service Interruption alert. Typically, you will be notified of the expected completion time for repairs. When you see this notice in the app, there is no need to call Rise Broadband, as they are already aware of the issue and have deployed teams to resolve it.

Before taking any further action, ensure that your connections (power lines and LAN, if used) are secure. Sometimes, a line may become disconnected, causing an interruption. If all your lines are securely connected to your devices and you still do not have an internet connection, restart your modem/router and your computer. This may resolve the issue. If not, use the Deco app to open a service ticket.

Rise Broadband provides service through a fixed wireless connection. An antenna installed on a cell tower or tall building near you, which should be clearly visible from your home, transmits and receives data using radio waves. A corresponding antenna on your roof points toward the access point, sending and receiving internet data to your devices. Similar to cable and DSL connections, fixed wireless connections can also experience interruptions.

Rise Broadband has built redundancy into their network. They use high-quality equipment designed to withstand local weather conditions and offer technical support to address and resolve issues promptly.

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