How Do I Return Viasat Equipment?

If you no longer need your Viasat services and cancel your account, you will need to return the equipment leased from Viasat. You should receive either an equipment recovery letter or an equipment recover kit from UPS soon after ending your account.

You will not be charged for the return of equipment through UPS. However, if you want to avoid being charged for the equipment, you should make sure to ship the equipment within 30 days. If the letter or shipping kit does not arrive at your house soon after cancelling your account, please call (855) 463-9333 to alert them of the situation.

What Equipment Should I Return to Viasat When I Cancel My Service?

If you cancel your Viasat service, the equipment return kit will include instructions for all the equipment you will need to return and how to safely do it. This will include your Viasat modem and power cord, any ethernet cables included in your Viasat installation, and the TRIA from the satellite dish. You should not need to return the satellite dish or mounting brackets. The return kit from UPS will include protective inserts for each piece of equipment and instructions to help you safely return each item.

After you pack everything up, take a photo of the packed up equipment recovery kit and the UPS tracking number. Having this photo in your smartphone is a convenient way to make sure you have a record of the box and a way to track it.

After packing the equipment into the recovery kit, it’s time to send it off. Getting the equipment box in the mail and sent off is also completely free for you. All you have to do is drop the box off at a UPS store or hand it to a UPS delivery driver. For a small fee you can also schedule for UPS to come and pick it up at your location.

What Equipment Should I Return to Viasat when I Upgrade my Service?

When you upgrade your service, you should not need to replace all the equipment. If your upgraded service comes with a Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway and you previously used a basic Viasat modem, you can use the box and packing material that came with the modem to return it, its power supply, and its power cord.

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