OneWeb Promises High-Speed Internet for the Most Remote Locations

Access to high-speed internet has become a necessity for modern life, yet there is not a global internet broadband service. Some communities do not have an affordable, fast internet option, while still more have no internet access at all. High-speed internet has become a new standard for education and communication so OneWeb is creating a constellation of satellites to provide low orbit satellite internet to everyone. OneWeb satellites are made in the world’s fastest satellite production facility that maintains quality and affordability.

The Future Includes High-Speed Internet Worldwide Via OneWeb

OneWeb’s small satellites for internet will create the opportunity for fast and affordable internet worldwide. There is less latency with low Earth orbit satellite internet, which increases connection speed and reliability. Internet users without low latency broadband have trouble playing any live content or streaming, which is important, especially if traditional television is not available. The time it takes for the computer to process a request is reduced with low orbit satellite internet so users can keep up with current events, communicate, and use videos for education with low latency broadband. It opens new avenues for connection and learning.

OneWeb Offers High-Speed Satellite Internet with Affordability Across the Globe

Some people have to choose between living in rural areas and having access to high-speed internet. Satellite internet is widely available in the United States, but some rural areas have lower speeds, often at higher charges, and residents may not be able to afford the monthly costs. Internet connection becomes a luxury and creates a digital divide between more affluent communities in cities and suburbs and lower-income and rural areas. Those living in cities may ask themselves, “What is the digital divide?” as it is a problem many fortunate people do not often stop to think about. OneWeb satellites can eliminate the divide.

OneWeb, Building Connection Communities through Low Orbit Satellite Internet

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 2017 report, 47 percent of the world is using the internet, which means 53 percent is not. There are communities and schools that do not have affordable and available high-speed internet. The digital divide is a global issue that OneWeb aims to solve with a new satellite internet that will provide low cost internet access to the world. This new satellite internet can fully bridge the digital divide by making satellites more affordable for service providers.

OneWeb Will Bridge the Digital Divide

What is the digital divide? The Miriam-Webster digital divide definition is “the economic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have computers and online access and those who do not.” The effects of the digital divide are global, and it’s not just people in rural, undeveloped areas. There are people living in the United States who potentially have access to the internet, but they can not afford it or the service is too slow.

A global internet broadband service is the answer, as OneWeb sees it. The two main issues with global internet are coverage and affordability. Their small satellites for internet will be able to make low latency broadband internet low-cost, providing coverage to the entire world.

OneWeb has the world’s fastest satellite production, with their production facility making 15 satellites per week. OneWeb satellite jobs focus on engineering and architecture to optimize manufacturing.

OneWeb Expects to Close the Digital Divide in Education

OneWeb satellites will provide global coverage and are more affordable than traditional satellites, so internet service providers can lower their costs to bridge the digital divide. Internet connection has become a new standard for not only communication but also education. The impact of the digital divide on education is significant. Some schools are completely without internet access, unable to participate in new learning techniques and keep up with the news. The digital divide is evident in schools even in the United States, where poorer or isolated schools do not have the same advanced technology and fast internet that the richer schools in more populated areas do. The digital divide puts students at a disadvantage for college and the workforce, but low earth orbit satellite internet can provide the faster speeds and connectivity at a reasonable price to these disadvantaged schools.

OneWeb Truly Is Global Internet

A global internet broadband service would connect the modern world, propelling modernization, knowledge, equality, and communication. A low latency broadband allows a computer or phone to process internet requests faster, stream video, and even make video calls. These small internet satellites will also make low latency broadband more available in flights at 30,000 feet.

How Can OneWeb Change the World?

The OneWeb satellite internet constellation is different because the coverage should span the entire globe. Traditionally, a single large and expensive satellite will launch, and a satellite internet company will use it to increase speed plans and availability within a certain geographic region. The OneWeb constellation will launch 900 small satellites for internet services. The initial 2018 launch will only be 10 small satellites for internet to test the idea of a satellite internet constellation. After six months, the company aims to begin the launch of their full constellation of satellites, which will be the first of its kind.

OneWeb satellites will weigh much less than traditional internet satellites. The first fleet of OneWeb satellites will weigh around 330 pounds each, while the EchoStar XIX satellite launched last year weighs around 15,200 pounds. The manufacturing process has been streamlined, no longer needing to be handcrafted by engineers. The production facility making process is similar to high-quality avionics and medical equipment, which makes small internet satellites more affordable.

OneWeb Offers Worldwide Communication In The Best and Worst of Times

Satellite Wi-Fi can provide connections during natural disasters. Traditional internet requires electricity and infrastructure, and when hurricanes and earthquakes hit, residents turned refugees are left disconnected from communication. Communication satellites can provide an instant connection for voice and internet. First responders and humanitarian groups can use communication satellites when providing aid, so they are not disconnected from their home-bases and facilities.

OneWeb Could Offer the Career for You

The OneWeb constellation interconnects to provide access for everyone around the globe. OneWeb careers allow you to be part of the change, helping to bridge the digital divide. OneWeb satellite jobs are not just engineering, but also communication, design and project management.

OneWeb is a satellite production company with a global goal. OneWeb stock is not available yet, as the company is still privately owned. If the company goes public, the OneWeb stock will be highly valued based on its current investors—Virgin Group, HughesNet, and Intelsat, who believe in the company and its mission. OneWeb careers are based in McLean, Virginia; London, England; and Merritt Island, Florida.

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