Customers of Northwoods Connect are now part of the Bug Tussel Internet family, a service provided by Hilbert Communications in the Northwoods area of Wisconsin. If you're experiencing service issues, you can call (715) 544-8025 or (877) 227-0924 for updates on when your service will be restored. Alternatively, if you have cellular data available on your phone along with an email app, you can reach out via email to

Depending on your location, Bug Tussel offers fixed mobile wireless internet service for locations within the sightline of a Bug Tussel network cell tower, or fiber internet service in parts of these Wisconsin counties: Iowa, Kewaunee, Calumet, Waushara, Fond du Lac, Marathon, Jackson, Forest, and Oconto. Fiber optic internet, a wired connection that transmits data via pulses of light, is the fastest internet connection available today.

In the event of an internet signal outage, first check any cables or lines to ensure they are securely connected, as loose connections are a common issue. Then, restart all your indoor equipment, including the modem, router, and main computer. If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact Bug Tussel support.

Fiber internet service may be affected by physical damage to cables from nearby construction, severe weather, or animals chewing on the cables. Software bugs or equipment failures can also occur but are usually fixable. Adjustments may be needed in your Optical Network Terminal settings.

Fixed Wireless service can be impacted by weather conditions interfering with the radio signals between the tower and your outdoor receiver. A clear line of sight to the cell tower is essential, and if an object like a tree begins to block the signal, service disruptions may occur. Network congestion in the backhaul connecting the Bug Tussel tower to the broader internet might also happen, potentially requiring capacity adjustments to avoid bottlenecks.

The team at Bug Tussel is friendly and supportive, ready to update you on when service is expected to resume or to schedule a technical service visit to address any equipment issues at your home.

We are here 24/7 to answer all your Internet Service Questions: