Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. is a well-known publishing company specializing in library and information science (LIS) materials. The company was established in 1976 by Patricia Glass Schuman and John Vincent Neal. ALA Publishing acquired Neal-Shulman Publishers in 2018.

The nature of Neal-Schuman's business revolves around producing and distributing books, professional references, and educational resources for librarians, information professionals, and those studying library science. We focus on publishing content that supports skills development, knowledge, and best practices in the field of library and information science.

Our catalog includes a wide range of titles covering various topics within the LIS domain. We publish books on library management, collection development, cataloging and classification, information literacy, reference services, digital libraries, emerging technologies, and other critical areas of interest to librarians and information professionals.

Neal-Schuman has been recognized for publishing authoritative and practical works authored by experienced professionals and experts in the library and information science field. Our publications aim to address the evolving needs of libraries, librarians, and related professionals, providing resources that could enhance their expertise and support their professional growth.

Neal-Shulman will help stretch your budget and give you more training for less. You can order the Master Guide and Exam copies for your upcoming courses. We’ll help you go lean with Huber’s Lean Library Management and also provide you with How-To-Do-It Tips from our authors. Please see our recently-reviewed manuals and check out our Archives for hundreds or resources on everything from Library Classification Trends to Writing Successful Grant Technology Proposals. New and Notable publications include Crisis Information Management and Getting Started with GIS.

In addition to printed books, Neal-Schuman also offers electronic publications, online resources, and professional development tools. We recognize the importance of adapting to the digital age and provide content in various formats to meet the changing needs of our readership.

By publishing and disseminating valuable resources, Neal-Schuman Publishers play a significant role in advancing the knowledge and practice of library and information science. Our materials support the professional development and continuing education of librarians and information professionals, contributing to the ongoing improvement of library services and information access.

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